Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Marathon by Numbers

6 Girlfriends running in the race
SIX Hours I slept the night before the race

6 Shot blocks I ate during my time on the course

100 Port a Potties at the start of the race

88 Bon fires roaring in the morning before the race

92 Approximate age of the guy finishing next to me

4,652 Runners in line for the port a potties before the race

3,946 "pretty potties" in use during the race

2,754 Calories I probably ate after the race

17 Weeks of training
43 times I wondered if I was crazy for signing up for this

4 weeks I sat out prior to the race due to injury
4 times I stood in line to use the port a potties on race day

FOUR of Grandma and Grandpa Huntingtons grandkids finished the race

37 mph the wind was blowing in St George the day after the race

26 times I thought of how grateful I was that my sister decided to come with me
12 songs I wished I could sing out loud to on my ipod while running

NINE Miles I actually got to run in the marathon
9 hours it took to drive to St George

At least nine times I was in awe of my surroundings on the course

9 Signs we posted along the course to cheer on our friends

50 busses bringing runners to the start of the course

4:15 time we woke up in the morning Oct 3rd

0 People who knew Tara was running the whole course that day (including her!)

21 Miles Tara ran before she realized she was actually going to run the marathon

1 Cousin who didn't train, but still ran, and still beat all THREE of us

one brother who ran

1 Sister who ran

ONE Bride running the course...Whats that about?

1 Arm that Reed Van Wagenen couldn't lift after the race just because 1 person tripped him just 2 miles into the race

ONE Cartwheel carried me across the finish line

And 1 incredibly supportive mom who came and took TONS of pictures for me
2 thumbs up at the end of the race

TWO orange slices I ate while schlumping through the course

43 Degrees outside when we arrived at the starting line

5 Miles I ran before I could feel both of my feet again
SIX inches was all you could lift your leg without too much pain after the race
3 of us who were crazy enough to BRIBE our way into the race

ZERO seconds I would hesitate before doing it all over again!!

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