Thursday, July 17, 2008

Here Goes...

Okay so here goes...ta da! We now have a family blog. I have been putting off starting this partly because I have no idea how and partly because I wasn't sure what I wanted this space to be. Once I gave it a title my mind was made up. Some people are very good about reading all the books, doing the research, watching things carefully done and asking lots of questions from those who have already learned the ropes. My husband is one of those people, I definately am not! I like to sew but NEVER use a pattern, love to cook but really don't like to stick to any one recipe, and I hate to ask the questions.

I love to figure things out all by myself. Yes I know this is the hard way but really I'm much to impatient to do it any other way. So I never read any of those books on potty training my kids or getting them to sleep through the night, but all four sleep every night and nobody at my house is still in diapers. I have no idea how to be "Mom" and "Honey" and still be just Jen sometimes. I don't know how to best volunteer at the kids school and fulfill my callings at church and still get dinner on the table every night. I don't know how to balance all the activities I want to participate in and the ones the kids want to do. I don't know how to fit all the clothes I own into my closet and I don't know how to stop buying shoes. I still don't know how to gracefully just say no when someone needs my time for whatever reason. But I just jump in head first and I fake it until I get it figured out.

And so it is...I may sound a like a little kid, but honestly I still feel like one sometimes so I decided this is my space to share my stories, the ups and downs, trials and successes of just figuring life out along the way, my way.