Friday, February 22, 2013

Flashback Friday

Since this picture was taken, I've grown a bit. My hair needs regular appointments at the salon to maintain any of the blond I used to have. My dad has lost a bit of hair since these days, and my mom miraculously looks the same. Beautiful. Back then my parents were my world and could make any of life's bumps and scrapes better. They took care of my every need and taught me everything they could. They kept me laughing and smiling and shared their love of the Savior and His teachings. One would think 35 years down the road their job would be done. Not even close. They along with the rest of my family, are still my world. They still keep my laughing and smiling, they keep teaching and loving. A parents job is never done and I can't tell you how grateful I am for that. My parents really are the best! Love you mom and dad! Thanks for continuing to carry me!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

No Bones About It

We spent several hours last Tuesday at the doctor's office waiting to hear the diagnosis on Garrett's injury.
Part of the process involved my son wearing a "dress"He totally rocked the look!
It was amazing to me how different the right side looked from the left.
 I got him a treat for being a good boy at the doctors office and we went home and waited for the X-ray results
 No bones about it this boy is BROKEN!
6 weeks in a sling, 3 months with no sports and then he's back in business. I'm sure it won't be our last broken bone!

Monday, February 18, 2013


This was me at 5:30 Friday night. In my bed and done for the night.

So of course Saturday I was ready to hit the ground running.  It was the perfect day for a road trip.  
Duck faces, Doritos, and Donuts...essentials were covered.  
 With gorgeous sunny skies in Santa Barbara it was the perfect day to visit Carter
This view alone made the trip worth the while.

Between Carter's antics and the people watching in downtown Isla Vista, we were thoroughly entertained.
 We walked and shopped, played and ate. We laughed. I loved.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Concerts In The Park

Last week as I was pushing an overflowing cart from Costco in search of my car I got a phone call.  It was my dad.  I knew that he had picked up Brynne from school on my bike and that they were going to ride to Taco Bell for a snack and then to the park, so I was kind of surprised to hear from him.
"Any chance you're home or close to it?"
"Nope, not really, what's up?"
"Well...We just got to the park and Brynne raced into the bathroom.  She says she had an accident.  She took off her pants and her underwear and she won't put them back on, so she's in the bathroom here at the park and well, we're kinda stuck here.  I was hoping you could bring her a change of clothes."
Awesome. Between getting to my car, unloading the goods, and driving home, I was at least 15 minutes away.  The idea of Brynne standing around naked from the waist down in the cement cube of a restroom had me driving as fast as I could manage.  Luckily it was one of the bathrooms thats just a one toilet and a sink kind of deal, so other people wouldn't be coming and going, but still...
As I drove home I was thinking about how much fun Brynne and my dad had been having.  My mom had been out of town and the house gets kinda big and lonely, but Brynne had been over keeping him company.  They'd had a few sleepovers, played lots of games and watched movies. He had even introduced her to the classic Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! They were having some good quality time together and I just loved it.
I got home in record time, grabbed pants and underwear, and booked it over to the park.  As I came up the walk to the pavilion near the bathrooms I saw my dad sitting on the edge of a table doubled over. As he sat back up I saw tears rolling down his face, and then realized he was laughing and gasping for breath. He waved his arm at me to hurry over.  It took a bit for him to recover before he could tell me what was so funny.
They had been sitting there for a little while with Brynne in the bathroom and and my dad outside the door when she called through the door to him,"Grandpaaaaa, could you give me your phone so I'm not so bored in here while we're waiting for my mom?" He has tons of games on there that she loves to play and knew that would help pass the time, so he gladly slipped it in to her.  A few minutes later he hears this loud wailing sound coming from the bathroom.  The sound echoed off the cement walls and through the park.  He raced over to the bathroom door and threw it open.
The scene before him brought clarity to the situation.  It was now a few measures in and he recognized the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang theme song blaring out of his phone through youtube, accompanied by Brynne!  She was standing in the middle of the stark cold bathroom, purple suede knee high boots on, bare bum, and a purple sequined cardigan, mid dance move, arms up, booty out. A rock star in her own little world!  I seriously adore that girl!
By the time I had arrived the concert was over and my dad was still nowhere near done laughing.  He says for some reason it instantly brought to his mind me at about age 5, but I have no recollection of ever giving free concerts to innocent park goers from any bathroom stall.  I was laughing too hard to question him.
Brynne is known around our house to have an ipod or phone blaring music to sing along to any opportunity she can get.  We recently got a fun little speaker system that you can connect a mic to and Brynne has made good use of it.  But the bathroom concert at the park, now that took things to a whole new level!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's All Fun and Games

It's all fun and games when the day starts with donuts, sunshine, a car full of cute boys, and skiing/snowboarding on the agenda.
 It was mostly just games while we were waiting for the boys boards to get waxed
 It was more than fun to find this big bunch of friends already on the mountain

It was definitely fun and games while Wes and his friend decided to hang with me for a bit
It was pure fun for Wes to land a jump like this one!
 It's always fun and games until someone breaks a bone....
Unfortunately that someone always seems to be Garrett!! Poor guy! We are heading in to the doctors office where I am sure he will confirm a broken clavicle.  Lovely.  At least the day started with fun and games!

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Love Month

Well we are a week into February, the month of love.   Here are a few things that are making me feel the love right now.
My sister.  We've been talking a lot more in the last little bit and I'm trying to figure out a way to go see her soon.  
My Christmas cards. Yep its February and they are still up.  I'm thinking of leaving them all year.  Love seeing the faces of so many people I love!
Love that we got a bit of snow last night and more on the way. 
Love that there is no school the next two Mondays and I can spend them skiing with my boys! ( The one in the middle isn't mine but I regularly claim him)
I love that this little one has caught the ski bug and is begging to come and learn as often as she can!
I love my snuggle bugs!! I love to snuggle and I love naps.  These two take after me in this way, but there is nothing sweeter than seeing the two of them a cuddled up together!
I love my dad.  We have always had a special connection.  We totally get each other.  It is so awesome to see that he and Brynne have a special connection too.
 When he is in town she begs to play with him.  They are adorable together and I love it!
Enough friends told me I HAD to watch Duck Dynasty on A&E so I did, and I couldn't be happier about it.  I love listening to these guys and their ridiculously hilarious perspectives on just about everything!

I love that we get to go full swing into girls camp preparations this month.  I get to serve as one of the assistant directors again this year under one of my besties.  Love the time with the girls and women and the program itself.  Above are handouts for our first meeting...
I have felt loved by friends who have reached out and checked in on me recently.  It's nice to know you're loved!

Love how excited Brynne was about this picture from her Winter program at school.  That girl just melts me!
 Loved Drews determination and heart at wrestling this year!  He took 2nd in the Area this year!!  Garrett took 2nd also and both were amazing to watch. Super proud of both of them both!! But I have to admit, I LOVE that we are done with this this sport for a while!
 Love this kid! He has had me in stitches laughing so much lately.  So glad he's mine!
And last of all my newest addiction... Valentine cookies from Panera.  
True LOVE!!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Think I Can!

The Little Engine That Could is one of my very favorite books from my childhood.  I thought the pictures were beautiful and I still love those familiar pages. I was fascinated by the engine of the passenger train that thought he was much too fancy to pull the train of wonderful things to the good boys and girls on the other side of the mountain.  The big freight engine was too important to help out, and the rusty old engine was just too tired.  They were all bigger, stronger and better equipped to pull the goods than the Little Blue Engine, but she knew she was needed and was willing to give it her best shot.  "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can," she said over and over as she carried the load.
It's this "little blue engine" line of thinking that is often to blame for my frequent tardiness and busy days. I think I can do it all.  The last 24 hours have been a perfect example of this.  In fact so much so that I thought I'd document a day in the life.  Here's a little glimpse of my comings and goings starting around 3 in the afternoon yesterday. It started with a trip to the gas station for a soda, then to the school to drop off shorts and running shoes, next the car wash, Costco, home to grab clean clothes for Brynne (blog post on just that to follow shortly) and finally to the park.  Then it was back to the house to return Garrett from a field trip, unload the Costco purchases and then off to the vitamin shop and the grocery store, then back home to finish making dinner. Just as it was almost done, Garrett needed to get to rugby. We ate dinner, did the dishes and 2 more loads of laundry.  I left again to drop off money to a babysitter, pick up Garrett from Rugby, then pick up Drew from a friends, before coming home again. I dropped off the boys and went back out to drop off bags left at our house over the weekend by the kids friends. Once I got home I realized I had forgotten to return the Red box movies, so I reluctantly left yet again. At 9 I was finally home for the night.  More laundry, dishes and general pick up of the house, an hour of trying to figure out EFY sessions for the boys on the computer, then scriptures and prayers and kids to bed. By 11 everyone was settled and I put away a bit more laundry and eventually curled up with a book to unwind. At midnight Carter called and a little before 1am we hung up and I decided to try for some sleep.  I couldn't. My mind would not slow down, turn off, stop thinking, and stop remembering.  When my alarm went off at 5:45 am to wake Wes for seminary I was sure I'd had a total of maybe 2 1/2 hours of sleep.  I felt like the rusty old engine.  I'm certain I looked like him too.
When Wes was ready to go to the church I rolled back out of bed, wrapped a blanket around my shoulders, slid into my slippers and stumbled out the door.  My phone rang half way to the church. It was my friend who recently had major surgery and has been miserable in her recovery.  Through her tears she explained that she hadn't slept the night before. She was in incredible pain and needed to go to the hospital immediately. Could I take her kids to my house and take her to the hospital?  Of course I can, of course I can, of course I can! 
 I went straight to her house from the church and gathered her and her two kids and raced out the door, grabbing sports gear, clothes etc.  I sent her kids into my house to make lunches and finish getting ready for school with my kids and my new helper girl while I took their mom to the hospital.  She threw up into a bucket 3 times on the drive there, and just as we were pulling in to the hospital the bucket dumped onto my rubber floor mats. Poor girl felt horrible, and I felt so bad for her!  As we sat in the lobby waiting for admitting orders from her doctor, a couple walked in and glanced over at us.  My poor friend was doubled over in pain clutching her bucket wearing a large down quilted bathrobe, and all of a sudden I was painfully aware of what a mess I was!  Sweat pants, slippers and a thin hooded sweatshirt.  I hadn't brushed my teeth or even run my fingers through my bed hair, I wasn't even wearing a bra! I was relieved when they called her back and got her situated. I promised to grab her two dogs from her house and call her dog sitter to come pick them up and then I was headed home to get 5 more kids off to school. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.
 While driving home from the hospital Tara called, we hadn't missed the deadline for Provo EFY registration after all.  It was in 15 minutes.  It would fill within minutes and I still had to log into the site, enter in the registration information, and coordinate with Wes' friend to make sure the first and second choice dates would work for all of us.  School started in 45 minutes. I would have to get the dogs afterwards.  Registering two boys and coordinating things was crazy and the site was so busy that I couldn't even log on.  By 8:15 all of the spots in Provo were taken and I was barely able to open the page to register the first of the two boys.  We were back to choosing another location and I was trying to convince Brynne to get dressed and eat breakfast.  Miraculously the kids all made it out the door and off to school on time.  Nine phone calls later and countless text messages, we had settled on dates and  I had one son registered and was on hold to log in for the 2nd one.  I had a class at the gym at 9 that I really needed to get to if I ever wanted my clothes to fit again. I could squeeze it into my schedule. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.  
Garrett had stayed home from school with a sore throat but I put him to work anyway. I gave him the credit card and described the steps for registering and raced off to the gym a few minutes after the class had started.  I was late but I had made it.  Unfortunately I was interrupted to answer Garrett's questions via text and phone calls SEVEN times. Yep I was that annoying chick who answered her phone in the middle of class. Desperately embarrassing.   Luckily the music was loud enough to drown out my voice.  Just before class ended I got a text from the dog sitter saying she was on her way to pick the dogs up from my house but they weren't even there yet! I had her meet me at my friend's house immediately after class.  We walked in to find dog poop, bloody dog poop, all over the floor.  I sent her and the dogs off to her house, and began cleaning the mess.  I gagged cleaning up the bloody dog stools!  When that mess was finally cleaned up there were grody paper towels in the trash and soiled rags that needed laundering, and my friend wasn't going to be home for a few days. I couldn't just leave them, so I stayed and got a load of laundry going, dishes washed and the trash out, and then I remembered my puke covered car mat. Might as well take care of that right now too since I was already kinda nasty. I just tried to hold my breath and started scrubbing. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.
As I was pulling out of her driveway, just after 11am,  Garrett called me again.  "Mom I never did finish that registration because I  didn't know what you wanted me to put for the roommate thing and you told me to stop calling and wait til you got home.  Are we even going to be able to register now?"  I raced home and opened the page.  It had timed out and everything had to be reentered.  Then there was a complication with the dates and more discussions with the kids about when they could go.  At 11:45 operation registration was finally completed.  Only problem was that I was due at a lunch appointment in 15 minutes.  I smelled of sweat, cleaning supplies, and still a faint aroma of either the poop or puke I wasn't quite sure, either way it wasn't pretty.  I had to get ready and FAST! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.  
At 12:15 I had showered, done my hair and makeup, and all that was left was to get dressed. Ha!  Nothing in my closet fits right now. I was in and out of three pairs of pants and several tops.  In the end I left the house a little after 12:30, luckily wearing pants that fit, but a top that really should have been ironed first and a cardigan that wasn't really working with the top I had underneath it.  I didn't have time to worry about it.  I had to just let it go and get out the door. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.
As I sit here tonight, my house is clean, all of my laundry is done, and my family had a nice home made meal.  Everyone got to everywhere they needed to be sports, piano, friends houses etc.  My sons are registered for sports camps and EFY sessions for the summer with friends and cousins.  I had great visits with two of the friends I visit teach each month.  I squeezed in a good workout.  My friend is in the care of doctors at the hospital and out of pain.  Her kids made it to school and are with their dad.  Her dogs are happy with the dog sitter, and when she comes home, it will be to a clean house.  So, it was a little busy this morning. So, some of the jobs were pretty gross. So, I was late to lunch.  So, I'm deliriously tired.  So what?  So I didn't look as fancy as some of the other trains in the yard.  So I might not be as important, organized, and timely as some of the other trains.  I might be old and rusty, sweaty and stinky, or just plain tired.  But, somehow I squeezed it all in. I was able to serve people I love.  It's the best way I know how to show my love. Sometimes my life and all my activities might resemble a bit of a circus or look like the cars in the train below. But I just can't imagine what I might cut out.  Go ahead, try telling me I can't do it all. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Flashback Friday

With the Niners playing in the superbowl Sunday this seemed an appropriate flashback friday pic.  Me wearing clothes too many sizes too big, Steve Young wearing the same shirt I had just purchased for myself from the mens department at GAP, and Kari Skinner, college roommate and good friend to this day.  We saw him in Hogi Yogi in Provo one weekend.  He came up and talked to us and we realized we knew lots of the same people from Fresno! Small world...