Monday, July 27, 2009

Little Swimmers

Our house is full of little swimmers! Brynne was beaming after her last swim lesseon as her swim teacher Alex Hansen, who Bynnne called Alex Handsome, called for the attention of everyone at the swim school. "Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls Brynne is our newest champion swimmer!"

Kylie, Garrett,and Zach

Drew getting started

And here is Garrett during the 25 m butterfly.

And as a complete side note, this bigger swimmer learned a few things this summer too. Those of you who have been following my blog since last summer, may remember my encounter at the pool as quite disastrous. For those of you who want a good laugh go back and read my post called I Have no Skills. Well I"ll have you know that I actually have ventured back into the gym pool and do so on a fairly regular basis now, and I met a guy at the gym who taught me how to properly breathe, and I learned that the flip around mermaid thingy actually has a real name. Its called a flip turn. What do ya know, I wasn't even too far off on the name... Anyway I saw what it is they are really doing under there and learned how to do it. No, I can't quite really do it yet, but it will come! Maybe there really is a triathlon in my future. We'll see, but for now I'm just proud of myself for finally buying a pair of goggles!