Thursday, June 12, 2014

Laundry Tips From My Brother


You know how sometimes you get too busy to switch the laundry in a timely fashion and so your clothes that were just washed and cleaned and should be smelling all lovely and fresh like Mountain Spring, Clean linen, or April fresh (depending on my mood while shopping) instead smell like the inside of a locker room because that musty moldy smell has attached itself to every article. You know how hard it is to get that nasty smell out of your clothes and towels?  And what a nightmare it is if somehow that one stinky load gets dried and folded and put away and then there are just random stinky pieces of laundry in every member of your families drawers and closet. And even worse when your cute kid comes up and wants to give you a big ole hug or snuggle up with you and you're all smiley and happy about it until your nose is completely assaulted by that nasty stench?  Yeah I hate that too.  

A few years back I figured out that even with my colors I could fill my washing machine with hot water, pour in a wee bit of bleach and then add your clothes and when the washing machine finishes the cycle that stench is gone.  The problem I 've had recently is that we now have a front loading washing machine.  These don't allow for me to fill them up with water and then add the clothes, so I haven't been able to figure out how to address those rogue stinky loads. They seem to happen more often lately too. I cant decide if its because we have been so busy since the move and I'm just not getting through my laundry very well anymore OR if it's because these front loading machines have to seal so air tight that it provides a better breeding ground for that mold.  Either way I'm dying.  

I've been trying to soak my clothing one item at a time in a small storage tub with hot water and a little bleach but it's so dang tedious and I guess I might as well admit to ruining a few items of clothing while trying to make due like this. Then comes along my younger brother who always seems to know the answer to every thing and apparently this includes laundry. My brother isn't supposed to wash his stinky running clothes with the rest of the family's regular non sweaty stinky stuff. Somehow in the process of laundering his running clothes he found out about this little gem of knowledge and I'm going to pass it along to you. He told me all about the little tabs that people use to clean their dentures and how they can be unwrapped and tossed into the front loading washers and they magically take the stink out of your clothes!  

At first I was a bit skeptical, but finally decided to give it a try.  And here's the beautiful thing friends, it really does work!  So don't snuggle up with a stinky kid hug while your nostrils are assaulted or give smelly towels to your house guests who will then dry off with them and offend everyone they meet all day long.  This is just embarrassing for everyone involved.  Swallow your pride and buy denture tabs. Who cares if the chick at the check out counter thinks all your pearly whites are fake? That's not nearly as bad as smelling like a dirty sock all day long. Try it friends. 

You're welcome.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Piano Recital June 2014

 I can't get the videos I have of each of the performances to load on blogger for some reason.  the alternative is that you can click on the links below to the posts I shared on FB and see them there.
Wes playing Pachelbel meets U2. A fun arrangement by John Schmidt combining of the famous Canon  in D and With or Without you.  I can't even count how many times I have listened to this performance since the recital. 
Drew played and sang Fall for You by Secondhand Serenade.  It was his first time ever singing and playing anything.  He barely learned the piece in time for the performance and we were really proud of how well he pulled it off.  I can't wait to hear him do more of this kind of thing in the future.  
If I can get the video to upload at a later date I will share Brynne's performance here too!
So proud of all three of these talented kiddos.  Next I'll have to share a video of Garrett playing his guitar!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

So Long, Farewell

The family gathering on the first of March was a somber celebration of an amazing man.  Jeff's dad had passed away in February after battling cancer for several years.  
The funeral was a beautiful tribute to the soft spoken  man who loved his family above all else.
To his grandchildren he was known as Grandpa Teddy. 
His lap was always full with one of the kids. He was impossibly patient and kind hearted.
His love for teasing has passed from generation to generation.
As has his brilliant nuclear physicist mind
He was slow to anger and didn't pass judgments
His love for the gospel of Jesus Christ was a beacon for his family 
Never one to complain or draw any attention to himself
At the funeral services his children payed tribute to him
his grandchildren sang
there was the sweetest spirit in the meeting and it was a true celebration of a full life lived well.
The finality of the grave side service is always a difficult one for me
Those last moments can be so heartbreaking 
and so tender

But this sad occasion reunited so many family members for the first time in years

While our hearts were heavy with loss there was comfort in the knowledge that this was not a forever farewell 
The family rallied around each other after leaving the cemetery. 
I marveled as I thought about all the ways my father in law will live on through his children and grandchildren 
Not only have his children  been blessed with pieces of his good looks, but also his patient heart and brilliant mind.  His example of husband and father is one they each strive to emulate.
his grandchildren have stronger testimonies because of his example of faith
They learned what it is to serve tirelessly
and renewed commitments to live in such a way that they might all be reunited someday
There were lots of tears on that chilly day, but there were also lots of smiles.
There was teasing and laughing
there were memories shared
family ties were strengthened
and above all else there was an overwhelming feeling of love.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

May Visitors

 Avisit from Grandma isn't complete without at least one hand of a card game
 And just for Aunt Di's visit we got a little crazy
and we took a few pics 
 we tried to convince Garrett to cut his hair
 Di learned that my boys will never out grow giving good hugs to favorite aunts
 We realized Wes just might be taller than Grandpa
 We cherished a little time with my Grandparents
 These two always get a little slap happy together!
Always fun to have family around!

Friday, June 6, 2014

6 Goofballs at 6 Flags

Six fools in a car
six hours round trip
 Six Flags Magic Mountain
 Bella freaking out 
 Fears Conquered
Super hero destined

 Straight flexin'
 No lines, no waiting, no problem!
breaking rules
me and my guy
Crazy animals
 Tatsu times four.  Uncontrollable laughter. World rocked.
 Panda posing, soda sipping
guys and dolls
 Screamin' fun
 Six times in a row
 Six times too many for this cute girl.
Swingin around the Saloon

raising a ruckus
Making the face of the day.
Good times and a good day!