Monday, November 30, 2009

Been There, Won That!

The football game between BYU and Utah is always intense. We never miss it. This year we actually got to be in the stands.

We dropped Brynne off at Janelle's to play with her cousins, picked up my nephew Tyler, and met my parents and both of my brothers and their families at the game.

Some of us even got seats together!

BYU was leading for most of the game, but started to let it slide right towards the end. With just 29 seconds to go Utah tied it up and we went into overtime. When BYU won 26-23, the fans rushed the field. Including all my guys!! I wondered how I would ever find them down there. I started scanning the masses from the stands and had to laugh when I spotted Jeff. He had wrapped Garretts flag blanket around himself . Were's Waldo, can you find him?

When I made it down there I bumped into Drew who was standing in a group waiting to meet one of the players. He asked me to take a picture of him with Brandon Bradley. My boys know who all the players are.

Drew kept telling me he wished I could have been there with my camera when he met Max Hall. I asked him what happened. He said, "Well he was just standing there so I went up and shook his hand and said, 'You're a really good football player. Good game tonight!'" I wish I had been there too. I love that little Drew has no fear of talking to adults, and telling them exactly what he thinks.

The atmosphere in the stadium was charged and it was so much fun to just be there. Even better, we won!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Keeping it Real

So this is my reality...

Francesca, Mimi and I were all thrilled when my car was returned to us this last weekend.

I have completely lost my voice and I'm fighting a fierce battle with a nasty head cold.

Monday night I made cookies at 1 am. I was needing a little comfort food.

I drove last night from midnight until 9:30 this morning, we arrived in Idaho Falls at 10:30 this morning.

Almost all of my christmas lights and required decorations for the yard are up on my house, bushes and trees.

Jeff stayed home for 4 days, and my house has almost recovered from the disruption in my routine.

Friday night one of my sons opted out of the mother son dance for a sleepover with a friend.

I pulled an all nighter reading a book a few nights ago, just because.

I think my knee is almost ready to start running again.

We are spending Thanksgiving with Jeffs family for the first time since we've been married. It is 15 degrees outside right now.

This Saturday we are going to the BYU vs. Utah football game.

I opened my brand new Biolage conditioning balm on Sunday to find a surprise inside left behind by Brynne. She said her hair was too soapy to get out and get to the bathroom and she knew she wasn't allowed to just go in the shower. She pooped in my $25 conditioner! "Don't worry mom I put the lid on it" I almost puked, and then I didn't know weather to laugh or cry.

Jeff packed for himself for the first time in years, he packed 2 shirts for 5 days...I'm trying to decide if he was just making a point...

Saturday at Garrett's soccer party at Bounce U I was undefeated in racing boys and/or their moms through the obstacle course. My sons were proud.

I bought a soda for my drive last night. It was in a cup called the Super Tanker. Does that make me white trash?

So there it is; the good, the bad, the boring, the ugly, and the stinky!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Feelin' the LOVE

When I was 12 everyone who was anyone was in love with New Kids on The Block. Everyone but me. I didn't dislike their music, and I didn't think they were bad looking, but there was NO WAY I was going to be one of those groupies, going all ga ga over a bunch of guys they didn't even really know! I didn't like them as a matter of principal.

Flash forward 21 years and there is buzz about some vampire books that a Mormon lady wrote. No thanks. Not for me. First of all I'm not into anything sci-fi or fantasy. Not a big fan of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. Great books and movies I'm sure, just not my cup of tea. But so many of my friends who enjoy the same kinds of books I do recommend them and I finally took the plunge and read them. If I had waited just a few more weeks and all the movie hype had begun, I would NEVER had read them. Again, as a matter of principal.

I would have been missing out. I have joined the masses. I do not own any T shirts, and I do not have bumper stickers on my facebook page, or my car for that matter. I still have some semblance of discipline. But don't let my defiant behavior fool you. I am in it deep. Mushy, gushy love. Yes I know that none of them are real.

There is no dark, warm fuzzy Jacob with abs the size of speed bumps, who is boyishly charming, the perfect feel good friend, devoted to making the rest of your life blissfully happy

Alas there is also no Edward. Elegant and graceful, patient and wise. Breathtakingly beautiful and devilishly charming, so in love with you that he, "can't live in a world where you don't exist" who you have so much chemistry with you think you just might spontaneously combust.

Maybe they live only on the pages of Stephanie Meyer's deliciously written books, and on the screens of movie theaters everywhere, but somehow the dream of it lives on quite well in my head. It spins with the feelings and emotions of Bella torn between what she really wants and what is probably best for her. Why do women always want what we can't have?

My heart breaks for poor beautiful Jacob who has completely given his heart over to a girl who can never give hers in return. And then there's Edward. Perfectly perfect in every way and has waited his whole life to find a mate who makes his heart sing, only to find her and decide that it would break his heart to ruin her life by joining her life with his. I'm team Edward all the way. I don't care if he's old or cold. Warm and fuzzy isn't worth much if its just holding a place for the real thing.

I read the first 3 books last August, in 48 hours. I waited 2 weeks for book 4 to come out and then 2 months for the movie. Thursday night I joined a few friends and watched Twilight and then New Moon back to back. Friday morning I woke in time to shower and join a different group of friends back at the theater. I enjoyed it just as much the second time around. Maybe more. All weekend it has been in my head. But even I have my limits. I love feeling that mushy gushy lovin' feeling, but it's time to check out of fantasy land and back into real life.

So long Bella, Jacob and perfectly perfect Edward. It's been dreamy. But until next November, Jen Bohn is signing off. As a matter of principal.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Name Calling and Finger Pointing

I've answered to a lot of names in my life. Some have real meaning behind them, others are just because they rhyme and some have hilarious stories attached to them. Hurdling, Muffins, Jenalyn, Caca head, Jeni, Yena, Rat, Sunshine, Miss Lynn, Jeni Henny Pumpkin Pie, Bunny Bear, President Pouter, Hurd nerd, Helga, Burley , Brunhilda, Schmoopie, Marshmellow Lips, Litttle Jeni, Da Punkin, are just a few.

While driving with my sister Tara a while back, she insisted I had a few alter egos when I get behind the wheel, and set about naming them. Mimi is the first one, let me introduce you. She's sassy, always in a bit of a hurry, a little bit bossy, with sunglasses and lip gloss. Mimi weaves in and out of traffic pushes her way into a parking spot or a long line of cars, perhaps winking and smiling as she goes. Mimi's music blares while she sings along and she thinks she is in complete control.

Francesca, well she's all european. Brassy and oblivious to the crazy driving conditions around her. She drives fast too, but Francesca has lots of near misses and a few where she wasn't quite so lucky. "Oops did I do that?" There are also times where a regular law abiding citizen like myself would never make an illegal U turn, but our euorpean friend has no problem with it! Francesca is all about having things her way.

I think I am a good driver, but as we ride together now Tara will say things like "Oh that was a typical Mimi move" or "Helloooo! Francesca you almost killed us! Didn't you see that car almost hit us?" Whatever.

I only tell you this because Francesca was in a little fender bender a few weeks ago, and I am still out of a car. I could be totally embarrassed by the whole situation but since it's Francesca who crashed, I may as well spill the beans. It was a busy day for me and as usual I was running a few minutes behind. I had I had just come from the store where I loaded 13 large pumpkins into the back of my car for a daddy daughter activity at my house that night. I needed to buy a few more groceries, and supplies for some games. I had also committed to bringing dinner to the missionaries that night. My husband was out of town and both boys had soccer practice that evening. Time was running out and it was time to pick the kids up from school.

Franchesca was ready to go! While rounding a corner the phone rang through the speakers in the car. Sure that it was Garrett calling to see if I was ever going to pick him up from school, and just getting ready to turn left again, Francesca looked down toward the cup holder where the phone was sitting to check the caller ID. She looked up just in time to slam on the brakes and crash right into a parked trailer belonging to one of the gardeners who was mowing the neighbors lawn. There was a metal frame that came out into a point beyond the body of the trailer. This is what tore into the bumper and tire, and fender of my car. The tire was ripped in half and the weight of the car was resting on the rim. A decorative piece that normally goes right over the wheel on my fender was wedged into the small space between the metal frame of the trailer and the trailer body. The passenger door would not open. The tie rods under the passenger side were completely broken so the car was unable to turn. Once I replaced the tire with my spare, I still had to have the car towed less than a quarter of a mile to wait for my insurance adjuster to come out and take a look at it. $4300 in total damages to my vehicle, $100 to the trailer. That stinkin' Francesca!

That was almost 3 weeks ago. My mom was out of town for a bit so I have been borrowing her car, but she is home now, so we are kind of sharing it. Then yesterday, Kristin who is my right hand around here and on the payroll, regularly helps me out with pick ups and drop offs when I am supposed to be in two places at the same time, went out to take her car to drop Brynne off at music class. The car died 3 times while trying to get out of the driveway. I went out to help her push it back out into the driveway while wearing dress flats on my feet. It was the strangest feeling to go from pushing a car one minute to almost instantly being on my knees behind the car in the midddle of the street. My feet slipped right out from behind me because of my slick shoes. If only Francesca hadn't crashed, I wouldn't be looking like a 3 year old with a scraped knee!

My mom is my second string helper, only because she is not on the payroll! Currently, all three of us will be trying to use the same car to get things done. Impossible with a capital I. I called yesterday to check on the progress of my car. They are waiting on parts to fix the suspension, and then it still has to go to paint. That will take at least three days. I need my car back by next Tuesday to drive my family to Idaho for Thanksgiving, and it may not be ready. If we don't make it to Idaho, Francesca can answer to my mother in law!

Call me whatever you want, Mimi, Francesca, Grumpy or even Impatient. This girl wants her car back and I mean now!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cabin Fever!

We may look like just a couple of moms out having a good time, but don't let these cheesey grins fool ya! This was after almost 48 hours of our FOUR families staying at the McCauley's cabin. These are actually the grins of some delirious women!
Proof of this is the fact that we actually left the cabin and accompanied this tribe of wild men and children to the smallest possible pizza joint in Shaver. You should have seen the fear in the employees eyes when we sauntered in!

By the time we left our true colors were showing through. We were behaving like the rest of them! Cabin Fever, thats what we're blaming it on. Why else would be all be trying to stick our fingers in eachother's ears?!

Besides its not really our fault. Its mostly these guys. Well, theirs and their dads'. The little boys wanted a trip where they could ride their motorcycles, and the "big boys" said yes. Next thing you know we're off on a riding trip at the cabin.

We were all grateful for an excuse for a giant sleepover!

The talking, movies and games went on into the wee hours of the morning, and until everyone crashed wherever they were. Some looked a little more comfortable than others! When I saw where everyone ended up, I knew we were already starting to loose it!

Once the sun came up, the kids were up,
The bikes started revving, and we were all ready to play!
(Jeff and Garrett)

(Jer and Zach)

Zach and Garrett
As if the number of children, coupled the with the number of minutes for some or hours others had slept, wasn't enough to make us a little crazy, we looked out to see our little guys playin' just as hard the big boys!
Jeff, Garrett and Wes
The boys, big and small, headed out for their second long ride of the day. Further evidence of our fuzzy state of mind is the fact that we agreed to stay behind to watch the little girls and babies, even after hearing how amazing the trails were that the guys found. What were we thinking?!

It was freezing outside but that didn't stop Brynne from wanting a ride with her daddy!
These guys didn't care about the cold either. They were just happy to be out playing with their toys!
These crazy kids, entertained themselves with sticks and rocks playing baseball while the girls built forts out of branches.
These girls had so much fun running all over the cabin changing clothes 3 or 4 times in less than an hour and even made up a play to perform for us!
They turned into mermaids in the bathtub and got some crazy bubble hair do's!
No question about our state of mind was left after we witnessed what all of the kids were doing in the basement. We simply shrugged and left them to it! We decided we were just grateful they were entertained for a bit and if anything actually happened, Jeremy could just stitch them back up!

The kids weren't the only ones getting a little crazy though. We were all a bit slap happy, and involved in a VERY competitive game of Spoons. We somehow got started singing some favorite 80's tunes, to which EVERY one of us knew EVERY word to. We sang at the top of our lungs, fought quite literally tooth and nail for spoons, ate curious concoctions of food and laughed so much our sides hurt!

Check your boots at the door and enter if you dare!
Sleep deprived, well fed, and smiling we closed up the cabin on Sunday night.
Grateful for good friends, and hilarious moments.

Relaxed, entertained, and feeling a little more like family than just friends.
We may all be a little nuts, but at least we're in good company!