Friday, February 19, 2016

Just One Question, or Maybe Two

A few weeks back a friend posted a questionnaire she'd given her kids and shared their answers on Facebook. My kids have always liked these kinds of things, I have several from when they were younger that would be fun to post but I'd have to dig them out of boxes. 
This one was interesting because it focused on their perceptions of me. Some of their answers made me laugh, others were interesting or silly, but when I had gotten the answers back from the 4 of them mostly my heart was just full. I was surprised and pleased at how well they know me and grateful for how evident it is that they like me too. They are my world! 

Here's the questionnaire and each of their answers. 

Without ANY prompting, ask your kids these questions. Its a great way to see what they think. Copy and repost with your child's name and age. 

1. What is something I always say to you? 

Brynne: Great job.

Drew: I'm going to need you to pick up your room

Garrett: Garrett, I need you caught up on seminary, Garrett, get your room clean
I can't handle the mess, Guys, I'm just really stressed out can you do this one thing, I love yer guts

Wes: Are you doing okay up in Idaho 
Love your guts!

2. What makes me happy? 

Brynne: When I'm happy  

Drew: skiing and reading books. 

Garrett: A clean house, when me Wes and drew are hanging out together, family trips(when we're not in the car), when you're with your friends

Wes: Having a clean house and a drama free life

3. What makes me sad? 

Brynne: When I'm angry 

Drew: when the house is a mess and you're tired

Garrett: Dirty house, Fighting, When Wes left for college, Being sick, Fighting again
Being stressed

Wes: Not being able to run or read or just being too busy

4. How do I make you laugh? 

Brynne: When you tickle my bones 

Drew: When you're exhausted! 

Garrett: When you do or say something savage or silly, when you joke with us, When you show us a funny video that was popular 3 months prior but you just saw it for the first time that day

Wes: When you talk about current popular culture things and use them in context it is hilarious

5. What was I like as a child?

Brynne: I have no clue

Drew: I think you were super funny and mischievous 

Garrett: Probably very organized. Little. 
I imagine you being small but mighty

Wes: You were outgoing and liked to have as much fun as humanly possible.

6. How old am I? 

Wes 39

7. How tall am I? 

Brynne I think 5'4" 
Drew: 5'4"
Garrett 5'4"
Wes 5'3" but probably shrinking

8. What is my favorite thing to do?

Brynne:  Hang out with me 

Drew: spend time with your kids

Garrett: Ski, Be with your friends, go on vacation, be on the boat, Be with all the kids together. To do the Dishes

Wes: Plan activities before/during/after a vacation

9. What do I do when you're not around? 

Brynne: Clean 

Drew: Sing really loudly to music and I bet you dance too! 

Garrett: Clean, cook, read, worry about us, Facebook, run, run arrends

Wes: Browse the interwebs for dank memes and then look up our slang on urban dictionary so you can use words correctly 
(Wes you're a dork)

10. What am I really good at?

Brynne:  Reading 

Drew: You're really good at skiing,  giving advice, reading people, cleaning, cooking, you have a good sense of style, running and wakeboarding (I made him stop here, it was a little embarrassing but I was totally flattered too!)

Garrett: Doing that one silly face, skiing, making us laugh, being ezausted (this is a family joke) saying your on a diet when we all know you have a "secret" Oreo stash. Running, you're probably still really good at words with friends, keeping the house clean, figuring people out, knowing how to deal with sticky situations

Wes: Girls. You know lots about girls. You're a really good listener. But also running and stuff and planning.

11. What is something I'm not good at?

Brynne: So you aren't very good at trying not to laugh when I tickle your feet!

Drew: Keeping your sanity when the house is messy

Garrett: Staying on a diet, Not being stressed about a clean house, getting the right kind of granola bars
finishing a marathon without being broken
Being on time, estimating time of arrival 
listening when I say not to make my bed cause I will actually clean it up

Wes: Relaxing

12. What do I do for a job? 

Brynne: Sell houses 

Drew: well you used to be a real estate agent now you take care of us and the house and the bills and pretty much everything to keep this family functioning

Garrett: you're a mom

Wes: Sell dank memes on the black market. But actually, you're the most fantastic stay at home mom, with a large variety of talents and abilities.

13. What is my favorite food? 

Brynne: Cafe rio 

Drew: cafe rio salads

Garrett: Oreos and cafe Rio

Wes: Lasagna? 2nd guess: fancy salads

14. What do you enjoy doing with me? 

Brynne: Shopping and getting our nails done  

Drew: Going to the lake and to China Peak pretty much anything with you, the possibilities are endless 

Garrett: Pretty much anything, traveling, talking, wrestling, messing with you, going skiing, going to the beach with you. All kinds of stuff really 

Wes: I enjoy talking on the phone with you, and when we are together I like just talking with you, messing with you, or going out and adventuring with you :)