Thursday, July 16, 2015

I Play, I Live

Lets be real, life is hard. While we all struggle with different sets of circumstances, the fact remains, we all struggle.  We can focus on the hard choices, the poor health, the loneliness, the bitterness, the consequences of someone else's poor decisions, just plain bad luck and things we just don't understand or we can focus on the good.  I like to stay busy so that I don't have to think about the hard things. I like to train for running events. I like hiking in the mountains surrounded by nothing but God's creations and the voices of my friends.  I like laying on a sandy beach and listening to the waves. I like to loose myself in great music and I love to dance. I like to be that first set of ski tracks on a powdery mountain side. And I love to get the behind my boat and just play.  After a couple of weeks with ridiculous amounts of hard things, back luck, mean people, and so many things out of my control I went out on the boat with my kids and husband. Just as the sun was setting and we were about to come in I decided it was my turn to get behind the boat. The water was smooth as can be, the sky was gorgeous, I was with my family and I was just playing. It felt so good! 
My husband took a video of me out there that night. I love the reminder it is to me to just live and focus on the good things because there are so many! Thanks Jeff for being my biggest fan!


Beth Swann said...

Hi Jenifer! I didn't get a chance to chat with you much this afternoon since my boys were in the car but I wanted to tell you that I remembered meeting you before. I ran into you and Shelley Van Wagenen at Harlan Ranch back in 2009. We were all there doing some photography stuff and Shelley introduced us. And then after looking you up on the internet, I read a little bit of your blog and also remembered you from our YSA days and how your parents put on a big party at their house one time back in 1998. Anyways, it was good to re-meet you! And I wanted to tell you that your blog stories have inspired me to be more motivated and to be a better person. So thanks for sharing! Hugs!

Unknown said...

har haft Jeg reaing dine artikler . Det er godt skrevet. Det ligner du bruger en stor mængde tid og kræfter i at skrive blog. Jeg dæmning værdsætte din indsats . Du kan besøge min hjemmeside

Unknown said...

Nicely said I like you guys both Wow! Life is a track and field so make you way to the top or finish line! Zoo siab rau Jeff and You Jen, Jeff is a good husband to you! We love you guys God Bless! :)