Saturday, July 4, 2015

Eiffel Tower Engagement Couple Found

The million dollar question right now has been, "Did you find them yet?"  My answer for now is I think so.  The day after The Daily Mail shared their story in the UK it seems the rest of the world shared the story!  I had messages in my now heavily used "other" inbox on Facebook from people in Ireland, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, South Africa, Russia, Austrailia, Italy, and Poland all saying that it was all over their news stations and internet.

Several people from Germany have contacted me saying they were friends of the couple.  Three of them claimed to have been in school with them and a few currently work with the couple. I have sent a message to them but have not heard back from them directly.

One of the people who contacted me said they were related to the couple in the pictures. He says the couple has the pictures but does not wish to have their names or any information about them shared with Media as this has gotten so big.   I can certainly respect that!

And that's really the end of the story at this point. There are no neatly tied up loose ends and no fairytale endings here. However, if this really is my couple then I have accomplished what I set out to do which was simply to share the pictures with the couple who was in them.

I owe a big thank you to everyone who helped in my search and to those who shared.  I'm especially grateful for those who took the time to say something kind or defend me against all the nasty comments that were shared.  I had no idea this story would go viral and no ulterior motives, but there has been so much negativity and scrutiny over my intent in taking and sharing the photos that I am feeling so relieved to have some kind of resolution here.

Mission accomplished? I think so.

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