Friday, April 3, 2009

Self Indulgence

So it's my birthday today. The big 33. Whatever, age seems pretty irrelevant to me these days. The numbers that used to seem so old are suddenly pretty young still. I have always had lots of friends who are older than me and many of my closest ones are halfway between my age and my moms, or even closer to hers! So really, I feel nothing about the numbers but it is a great excuse to pamper myself a bit, have lunch with my girlfriends, do a little shopping, and for once throw productivity out the window for a bit.

I have been tagged several times on Facebook for my top 25 and I have read several interesting top 100's about people that have made me realize just how similar we are or how much I like them. So since today is all about me, at least for me it is, I decided to do my top 100. So here's to a little self indulgence!

1. I am the oldest of 5 kids and I act like it.
2. I think my parents are 2 of the most amazing people in the world
3. I look, act and think most like my dad, only with a lot more hair!
4. I don't know how I could survive without my mom she has the answer to EVERYTHING, and she is simply the best!
5. My kids have taught me what love is. Each in a different way.
6. There is no one I enjoy listening to sing more than my husband.
7. If I could choose any talent to have it would be to be able to sing beautifully
8. I always sing in the car, loudly.
9. I broke a toe on my right foot and it stopped growing when I was 7!
10. I drive way too fast
11. I probably talk way too fast too
12. I definitely talk way too much
13. I am an interrupter, my whole family is, we're not trying to be rude, we just couldn't agree or disagree more and can't possibly wait to tell you so!
14. I am still really working hard at being patient
15. I LOVE to dance
16. Big groups are my favorite, and embarrassingly I am always one of the last people to leave a party.
17. Good friends are crucial to my sanity
18. I think I am a pretty good friend
19. I will always bend over backwards to help anyone out anytime, it makes me feel good
20. I pride myself in being a hard worker and that is one of the qualities I admire most in a person
21. I am pretty sure I really can do anything. I just have to care enough to make the effort to figure it out. (okay except maybe learn to sing)
22. I hate the details of big projects, I might be the queen of "GOOD ENOUGH"
23. EXCEPT when it comes to clean. That has to be all the way all the time.
24. Diet Coke from the fountain and fresh limes really makes me happy.
25. I think you can love anyone if you take the time to get to know them
26. I cry easily for happy or sad things, or just because I really mean it
27. I really was a natural blond once (until I was about 4 Does that count?)
28. I like my hair better with Blond in it
29. Jeff likes my hair best when its dark
30. I have always said tan fat looks better than white fat. I LOVE to be tan
31. I love to read, but can't usually stop until the end of the book. Can you see how this could be a problem?
32. I am really bad at stopping in the middle of anything. I just have to finish whatever it is I start.
33. I have an excellent memory and can still tell you the birthdays of kids in my 2nd grade class because it was posted on the wall then
34. I hate apologies, don't want to give them, don't need to get one, lets just all do it a little better next time
35. I am quick to forgive and forget, really quick
36. It takes a LOT to make me mad
37. I own way too many articles of clothing and still don't have enough.
38. I am empathetic. If something good happens to someone I care about, I feel like it may as well have happened to me, same goes for the bad stuff too.
39. I have always loved the rain
40. I was a gymnast and competed all over the state for 8 years
41. I played club volleyball for 2 years in Jr. High.
42. One of my regrets from high school was quitting sports to be a cheerleader for 3 years
43. I am still good friends with a few people from elementary school
44. I love to stay up late and sleep in
45. I am always up for a last minute road trip to anywhere
46. I still haven't figured out how to get anywhere on time, and it really bugs me
47. I was the assistant manager of Kinney Shoes when I was 17
48. Co manager of The Limited and then recruited to Anne Taylor when I was 19
49. I love sales and negotiations
50. I think I undertand people and what makes them tick pretty well
51. I went to Ricks College when it was still called RICKS!
52. I majored in fashion Merchandising
53. I am an eternal optimist
54. I like to be dressed up best
55. There is something purely cozy about new socks and grey sweatshirts
56. I love to run
57. Other than college I have always lived in California
58. I was the queen at my freshman winter formal.
59. I think I have really ugly hands
60. I also have a really funny looking smile
61. I have had a subscription to US Weekly for too many years. Keep saying I'm going to let it lapse, but can't follow through...
62. I NEVER have nothing to do
63. I want to learn to take great pictures. I don't want to miss all those moments as my kids grow up
64. Until about 3 years ago I was deathly afraid of going to the dentist...totally freaked me out. I'm getting much better
65. I love surprises!
66. I have no problem with last minute anything, I can roll with it
67. I love watching my boys sporting events
68. I LOVE the letters i get from friends at Christmas time telling all about their families. I really do care!
69. I am VERY independent
70. I like to figure things out on my own, even if its not the easiest way, its just my way
71. Telling me I can't do something is pretty much an invitation for me to show you that I can
72. Naps on the beach with hot sun and sand in my toes make me the happiest girl alive
73. My husband massages my back, feet, or legs every day. I know I am spoiled.
74. I am not very consistent with things in general. From discipline to remembering to take medicine every day until a prescription runs out.
75. I guess I'm not really one for too much structure
76. Most holidays have a certain candy that I anxiously await the arrival of.
77. I love playing card and board games
78. I went to the Emmy awards 4 years ago
79. I don't sit during the day except to drive my car or to send off a quick email
80. I love hanging out with my siblings and their spouses.
81. I would NEVER consider living somewhere that I didn't have family
82. My kids are close with MY grandparents, they are awesome!
83. I have gone camping at Whiskeytown lake every single year of my life at least once
84. I like lists and I love checking things off of them
85. I love rollercoasters!
86. I will always choose carb-y foods over sweets
87. No experience in life has been as miserable as being pregnant...all 4 times
88. I like toddlers, way more than babies
89. I wish I could serve in the Church exactly where I am now until I'm 90
90. I always feel very awkward around people who are very quiet. I just don't know what to say...
91. My faith leads my decisions daily from the big to the very very small
92. I hate confrontation so much that I won't even tell the workers at McDonald's if my fries are stale
93. I can't tell a lie with out smiling, it's a dead give away and therefore totally pointless
94. I have a very hard time saying no when I'm asked for something
95.I love to sew but totally hate to use patterns...i think its the details
96. I'm a romantic, I love love. I love to be in love.
97. I know I've probably over shared here Sorry!
98. I get slap happy late at night. Especially with my sisters and my mom!
99. I'm actually pretty smart, but I feel like I haven't done enough with it
100. I can't wait for to read your Top 100!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Somebody Stop Me!

Left overs from my son's birthday party. These guys just wont leave me alone! They don't even look or taste that great, at least not worth the calories, but seriously...I need help!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Getting Crafty

Just finished sewing three of these, complete with petticoats! Feeling a bit like Wonder Woman!