Wednesday, June 15, 2011


To celebrate her last day of kindergarten, we finally said yes to Brynne's regular pleadings to get her ears pierced.  They had some darling Hello Kitty posts available for her first pair and she couldn't have been happier.  Once she was in the chair though, she got a little nervous.  
She had asked me a ton of questions about how they would make the holes in her ears, if her ears would be red and for how long, and of course, how much it would hurt.  She was a trooper and didn't even wince.  When it was all done she just grinned and told me I was right, it was way easier than doing a blood test!  She has shown she is responsible enough for the earrings by hounding me 3 times a day about putting the antiseptic on her ears that they gave her at the boutique.  I bought her a little bracelet to match her earrings, and several times I've caught myself just staring at her in her little girl jewelry, with her legs crossed diligently working on a drawing or a little note to someone, and I am amazed at how quickly my baby girl is growing up!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stop...Hammock Time!

Our annual trip to Whiskeytown this year was brisk at best.  The hours usually spent basking in the hot sun, splashing in the water or on the boat weren't quite as appealing as they usually are.  The demand for the two large hammocks in camp was at a record high.  The creativity in their uses was off the charts!
Of course there was the usual snuggling 


and swinging.
There were the usual spills,
and epic fails.
The hammocks became a swinging refuge from the rain.

Creativity was shown when some little smarty pants tied a rope to a near by tree, then attached it to the hammock. When they pulled on the rope they could make it swing back and forth without much effort or someone stuck pushing them!
But by far the most creative use was for the launching of boys, big and small, several feet into the air.
You don't even need to ask Billy how much fun it was, look at his face!!
Drew was a little more conservative, but loved it.
However, the award for most coordination while flying through the air went to Garrett, hands down.
No one could believe how high he flew!
Anyone who ever thought  hammocks were just for laying around and reading books, obviously hasn't camped with us!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Pure Cuteness

I'm getting ready for a blogging out!  But this just couldn't wait.  These are my darling nieces Phoebe and Paige.  Just one month apart in age and totally adorable!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back in Black

So unfortunately the cast is back.  My choices were blue or black. They are going to change it for me every 2 weeks.  Anyone know of a website where I can order my own stuff for the cast?  I'd love to find some cool prints and just bring them in to each changing, gotta put my own little twist on things and have some fun with it!
The best look I got at my incision was through the nasty tape just before the cast went on.  It was bigger than I expected but looks like a neat little line.  Could be much worse.
The PA I saw today told me I'd be in the cast for 3 months, not two like the surgeon had said and the medical assistant wrapped the cast pretty tightly today.  I'm hoping to remain sane.  Wish me luck, I'll need it!

** Yeah that didn't 6pm tonight I was back out of the cast and into the black splint I wore for the two weeks before surgery.  My mom asked me,"How pushy were you at letting them know you didn't do well with a cast?"  If I wasn't already crying I would have laughed out loud.  I'm not very good at pushy unless it's for the well being of my children.  Good thing I brought my mom back to the doctor's office to push for my well being.  I love my mom, and I really love my splint right now!!

P.S. Like how you can still see my doctor's initials and mine that we wrote on the hand to be operated on?  Good way to be sure they open up the correct wrist eh?

Thats My Guy!

My cousin Tawna just posted this note on Facebook.  I didn't know about their exchange while we were camping together last week, but I sure was proud of him when I read about it. It is incredibly rewarding to know that your children are actually listening sometimes! I love that  Drew really took it to heart.  Love that guy!  

Tawna's Note
Lil' Drew, about nine years old, was sitting by the fire on one of the last days, hitting the firepit with a stick and just being a boy.  Drew is all boy, so sweet, SOO funny, and just quite the character/personality.  I'm never bored if Drewby-Drew is around and can't get enough of the kid. He's just so funny. I love him.  He looked a lil' bored and lost in thought, and I assumed it was because he was a little sad that we hadn't had room for him to play with us in our last game.  He wasn't complaining or pouting, he just wasn't running around crazy and being a goof like normal. So, I went over to sit by him and to see if he wanted to do something.  Before I could say anything he perked up, sat up in his chair and simply said in his lil' voice: "Oh! Duh. Now I know."
Me: "Know what?"
Drew: "Now I know why I'm sad."  
Me: "Oohh, why are you sad, Drew?" (assuming the game)
Drew: "Because I don't have a goal!" (Cue my sincerely surprised look.)  "I'm only happy if I have a goal to work towards, and I didn't set a goal for today.  So duh!  Of course that's why I'm feeling kind of sad--now it makes sense!"
Me: "Did you have goals yesterday?  What was one of your goals yesterday?"
Drew: "Oh, I had tons of goals."
He then immediately smiled and then went to play a game with me and his cousins, determining, I can assume, a few goals in his head for the day as we played. 
How impressed and humbled was I by this young boy who just GETS IT.  Learning from the mouth of babes?  I think so.  Here I am, a second time through student in graduate school, struggling right now with the need to set my own goals to work towards, knowing how much happier I'd be and I am with that purpose, and I am being reminded of it through the wisdom of a 9 year old boy.  So humbling.  So thanks Drew, for being so smart.  You're one smart kid for sure.  And Jen & Jeff--you must be doin' somethin' right with these boys!  Such smarty pants, and so lovin' and wise.
I'm going to go now and set some goals.  :)