Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stop...Hammock Time!

Our annual trip to Whiskeytown this year was brisk at best.  The hours usually spent basking in the hot sun, splashing in the water or on the boat weren't quite as appealing as they usually are.  The demand for the two large hammocks in camp was at a record high.  The creativity in their uses was off the charts!
Of course there was the usual snuggling 


and swinging.
There were the usual spills,
and epic fails.
The hammocks became a swinging refuge from the rain.

Creativity was shown when some little smarty pants tied a rope to a near by tree, then attached it to the hammock. When they pulled on the rope they could make it swing back and forth without much effort or someone stuck pushing them!
But by far the most creative use was for the launching of boys, big and small, several feet into the air.
You don't even need to ask Billy how much fun it was, look at his face!!
Drew was a little more conservative, but loved it.
However, the award for most coordination while flying through the air went to Garrett, hands down.
No one could believe how high he flew!
Anyone who ever thought  hammocks were just for laying around and reading books, obviously hasn't camped with us!!


lisamarie21188 said...

I loved that you used the phrase "epic fails." I heard that phrase at lease 50 different times from the kids while we were camping!

Aaron and Devon said...

That's awesome! Looks like so much fun, we were sad (well kinda when we heard about the weather) that me missed it.