Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back in Black

So unfortunately the cast is back.  My choices were blue or black. They are going to change it for me every 2 weeks.  Anyone know of a website where I can order my own stuff for the cast?  I'd love to find some cool prints and just bring them in to each changing, gotta put my own little twist on things and have some fun with it!
The best look I got at my incision was through the nasty tape just before the cast went on.  It was bigger than I expected but looks like a neat little line.  Could be much worse.
The PA I saw today told me I'd be in the cast for 3 months, not two like the surgeon had said and the medical assistant wrapped the cast pretty tightly today.  I'm hoping to remain sane.  Wish me luck, I'll need it!

** Yeah that didn't 6pm tonight I was back out of the cast and into the black splint I wore for the two weeks before surgery.  My mom asked me,"How pushy were you at letting them know you didn't do well with a cast?"  If I wasn't already crying I would have laughed out loud.  I'm not very good at pushy unless it's for the well being of my children.  Good thing I brought my mom back to the doctor's office to push for my well being.  I love my mom, and I really love my splint right now!!

P.S. Like how you can still see my doctor's initials and mine that we wrote on the hand to be operated on?  Good way to be sure they open up the correct wrist eh?

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