Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thats My Guy!

My cousin Tawna just posted this note on Facebook.  I didn't know about their exchange while we were camping together last week, but I sure was proud of him when I read about it. It is incredibly rewarding to know that your children are actually listening sometimes! I love that  Drew really took it to heart.  Love that guy!  

Tawna's Note
Lil' Drew, about nine years old, was sitting by the fire on one of the last days, hitting the firepit with a stick and just being a boy.  Drew is all boy, so sweet, SOO funny, and just quite the character/personality.  I'm never bored if Drewby-Drew is around and can't get enough of the kid. He's just so funny. I love him.  He looked a lil' bored and lost in thought, and I assumed it was because he was a little sad that we hadn't had room for him to play with us in our last game.  He wasn't complaining or pouting, he just wasn't running around crazy and being a goof like normal. So, I went over to sit by him and to see if he wanted to do something.  Before I could say anything he perked up, sat up in his chair and simply said in his lil' voice: "Oh! Duh. Now I know."
Me: "Know what?"
Drew: "Now I know why I'm sad."  
Me: "Oohh, why are you sad, Drew?" (assuming the game)
Drew: "Because I don't have a goal!" (Cue my sincerely surprised look.)  "I'm only happy if I have a goal to work towards, and I didn't set a goal for today.  So duh!  Of course that's why I'm feeling kind of sad--now it makes sense!"
Me: "Did you have goals yesterday?  What was one of your goals yesterday?"
Drew: "Oh, I had tons of goals."
He then immediately smiled and then went to play a game with me and his cousins, determining, I can assume, a few goals in his head for the day as we played. 
How impressed and humbled was I by this young boy who just GETS IT.  Learning from the mouth of babes?  I think so.  Here I am, a second time through student in graduate school, struggling right now with the need to set my own goals to work towards, knowing how much happier I'd be and I am with that purpose, and I am being reminded of it through the wisdom of a 9 year old boy.  So humbling.  So thanks Drew, for being so smart.  You're one smart kid for sure.  And Jen & Jeff--you must be doin' somethin' right with these boys!  Such smarty pants, and so lovin' and wise.
I'm going to go now and set some goals.  :)


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Tawna said...

Jen--I felt like I needed to share that story during testimony meeting yesterday and so I did. Then for the rest of the day I was getting reandom ward members thanking me and telling me how impressed they were with Drew and how unbelivable such an answer sounded like from a kid so young. People were walking up to me later that night and saying, "so how old is he really?" "What were some of his goals?" "I can't imagine my 17 year old brother saying that, let alone my youngest!" And they all remembered Drew by name. haha. Everyone was super impressed by Drew-bee and humbled. So impressed by him and you and Jeff! :0)