Wednesday, June 15, 2011


To celebrate her last day of kindergarten, we finally said yes to Brynne's regular pleadings to get her ears pierced.  They had some darling Hello Kitty posts available for her first pair and she couldn't have been happier.  Once she was in the chair though, she got a little nervous.  
She had asked me a ton of questions about how they would make the holes in her ears, if her ears would be red and for how long, and of course, how much it would hurt.  She was a trooper and didn't even wince.  When it was all done she just grinned and told me I was right, it was way easier than doing a blood test!  She has shown she is responsible enough for the earrings by hounding me 3 times a day about putting the antiseptic on her ears that they gave her at the boutique.  I bought her a little bracelet to match her earrings, and several times I've caught myself just staring at her in her little girl jewelry, with her legs crossed diligently working on a drawing or a little note to someone, and I am amazed at how quickly my baby girl is growing up!

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Sharisse said...

Brynn is so cute with earrings! She really is growing up! I noticed that you have our old blog address listed on the side of your blog that isn't working anymore. Now it is It looks like you are having an awesome summer!!!