Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Don't Get Me Started...

So it's been a while since I've updated, gimme a break! We've been just a little busy.  In the three weeks since school's been out here's what we've been up to...
Wes and Garrett spent a week at Camp Chawanakee 
 We spent a day on the lake with the Rickards clan
 And then I headed off to girls camp for a week
 While I was at camp the three boys left with my mom for Utah just in time for the arrival of my newest nephew Brandon Ehat.  They started football camp at BYU the following week.
With all the guys gone Brynne and I had a lot of girl time including a princess trip to Disneyland, and a day at the water park where she insisted we bring along our white elephant doll friend Natalie!
 We had the sweetest reunion with the boys when they finally came home after 10 days!
 Brynne got to parade on her bike in the sweltering sun on the 4th
And then we wrapped it all up with a bang!
 Sound exhausting? Even these 3 troopers couldn't keep up at that pace any longer!
*Of course I can't just let these fun events pass with out more pics and more details, but at least this will get me started!

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Just Mom said...

Love your busy, productive family, and lady, you guys sure know how to play hardy!! Hope the rest of your summer is just as fun!