Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Plankin' It Up!

A week ago I came across  a FB status that had me laughing and got me a little curious.  It read,"Sitting in Church paying no attention at all and trying to decide if I dare PLANK by the pulpit! Haha"  By Monday I had learned exactly what that meant, and I was in!!
this is Kelly a friend of Jeff's from highschool that I met at his 20 year reunion...
she is the one who started this whole mess for me!

The definition Wikipedia gives is a pretty good one, so click here if you want to read it, but if not heres my summary of it.  Planking is a game or competition to find the most incongruent, public place to lay face down with your hands at your sides. A photograph  must be taken and posted on the internet.  The more people that are involved  or the more ingenious the location the better.  I think the planks should be creatively named too. The craze has swept thru Britain and Australia and is making its way thru the U.S.
(A favorite of mine from kelly's blog post)

Sound a little dumb?  Well it kinda is, but thats exactly what makes it so darn funny!!  Yeah its pretty hilarious to see a grown man planking in his golf shoes on the balcony of his hotel like Kelly's dad.
Guaranteed that would have you busting up if you saw it, but I promise you that grown man was laughing even harder when he did it.  And therein lies the magic!!
what to do with strangers dressed as Harry Potter?
You plank with them of course!
Sometimes all it takes to have a really good time is to totally get over yourself and just be silly!  When I saw the post I knew exactly who would have a blast with this...Lauren VW.  
She said she'd take my friend Kristie and I after her trip to New York, but when the pics from Lauren started coming in from church history sites
Kirtland Temple Plank
(that's fresh yo!) 
Johnson Farm Plank
(this one cracks me up as they awkwardly chose half grass half sidewalk!)
Hill Cumorah Plank
and all over the east coast, 
Eerie Canal Plank
Niagra Falls Plank
Washington Monument Family Plank
Kristie and I were compelled to try to out-do the darling 15 year old and her family! The Bohn and Hankes planks were about to we named them the BoHank Planks and let the laughter begin!
BoHank Plank
Chang Hank Plank
Bo River Plank
Creepy Carousel Plank
(yes i realize i am no longer planking here, we were laughing too hard at being rejected by a teenage boy to join the picture and then realized I was stuck with only my useless broken wrist hand to try to get up face awkwardly perched atop a filthy horses seat)  

In the process we dragged in our kids, a few of their friends, and a few of our own.  With two days that week spent on the boat we tried just about every possible way to plank at the lake

Gang Plank
Bo Jr. Bridge Plank
both directions across the seats...

Floating Plank
Belly Flop Plank
Moving Tube Plank
What resulted was a hysterical week of laying down awkwardly in some very public places.  
In Then Out Fast Plank
Skate plank 
Lets Go Shopping Plank
 Please Park Here Plank
We got  plenty of strange looks, several phone calls from friends wondering just what we were up to, we got honks and cheers, 
 Post Plank
  Happy Isles Helmet Plank
 Big Red Truck Plank
 Vernal Falls Plank
 Curry Camp Plank
 a few scrapes and bruises, dirty clothes, stuck, and the best abs workout from the continuous laughter.
Pizza Place Plank
(made even better because a stranger who had no idea what we were doing took the pic for us!!)
The Lazy Man's Plank
This was my most creative plank of the week by far...the Plain Plane Plane
And this was Kristies best of the week

By the end of the week the kids wanted to plank EVERYWHERE and we realized that it was possible to plank just about anywhere!
What Goes Up Must Come Down Plank

Think we're crazy? Just give it a try I dare ya!!  Send  me your best and we can vote on our favorites!!

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Anonymous said...

Here is the deal....You need to move to Phoenix Arizona and live next door to me! We would be absolutely hilarious together as in Lucy and Ethel! Plus I could could totally get back at the "mean Bohn kid who sat behind me in school!" Your PLANKING is BRILLIANT!! haha