Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Apparently time is catching up with me.  Especially around the eyes. At least according to a recent examination of my face by a dermatologist.
Honestly I've never cared much about wrinkles or aging. I don't have a great skin care regime. I'm horrible about putting sunscreen on my face. In  fact just a basic washing of my face at night before I go to bed is about as good as it gets. But I went in at the request of my husband to have a spider vein looked at and ended up face to face with this map of my skin in various colors coded for different problems.  I just turned 38 years old and I guess it's time I start taking care of my face. I don't care enough to get botox, so spent about a week looking at different skin care products.  While I haven't cared enough to actually take care of my skin thus far,  I think I am still vain enough that I'd rather not post my before and after pics.  I will just say that I'm a only a few days in and I can already tell the difference.  So anyway, before time catches up with you, or maybe because it already has, take a look at this product and see if you like it as much as I do already!

(For the record I am not selling it, nor do I know anyone who is.  I do not stand to gain in any way from recommending this.  I just like it, so I thought I'd share)

Monday, April 28, 2014

Sweet Tomatoes Obesssion

Nothing too exciting for the rest of the world, but I have to document the Sweet Tomatoes obsession that has been going on at our house.  Brynne begs for it daily.  She loves the oriental salad but mostly just the chicken and wontons and mixes in tons of olive slices. She has countless bowls of macaroni and cheese.  She puts whipped honey butter on top of the little slices of pizza they serve. She eats a ton and its not too unhealthy either.
At least once a week this guy indulges her. Often its just the two of them.  
But regularly enough these guys get dragged along too. They don't hate it, but when its the one place we go over and over again when we eat out as a family it gets old pretty quickly.
It doesn't matter if I buy all the same ingredients and make the same food at home, she just wants it from Sweet Tomatoes. It's hard enough finding food she likes, so coming in and knowing she will leave with a full tummy is reason enough to keep coming back, again and again and again....

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Blessed Sunday

I had so many reasons to smile this Sunday.  Hearing a great young man report on his mission to Argentina just two days after arriving home.  A beautiful musical number performed in sacrament meeting.  A beautiful lesson by Linda Haning in Relief Society.  Seeing Brynne's face light up when she saw Diana after church.  So much love between these two.
 After church my parents and all my guys went to the home of our Stake Patriarch to listen as Wes received his Patriarchal Blessing.
 My heart was full of love and gratitude for these guys as we were walking in and I made them stop and just look at me for a quick second. There are times my heart takes a picture and those moments are forever etched into my memory, but today I wanted an actual shot to look back at as well.
 The blessing was incredible and powerful.  It is such a sacred experience and one that I am so proud of Wes for seeking out.  He is an incredible kid and I am grateful to be his mom.
Sunday evening was the kickoff for our PDA, prescription drug awareness, event.  We had a great turn out and lots of registrations for our 5k that will be held on Saturday.  There were a couple of beautiful musical numbers performed and we had the opportunity to hear two powerful messages.  One from a beautiful young mom and wife who is 5 years sober, a drug and alcohol addict. The other was from a local news anchor who has had the heartbreaking experience of dealing with two of her three gifted and talented children having their lives taken over by drug abuse.  This opportunity to raise awareness of an issue that has touched so many of us in various ways is one that I am grateful to be a part of.  
So many good things on one beautiful sunny day. Busy for sure but smiling through it all!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Prom Deaux 2014

 So another week brought another Prom
 Wes brought Lindsey again but this time to Buchanan's prom
 They were a little sillier this week 
 Caught her just hanging out like a super model while we were waiting for all the friends to show up 
These were a fun group of kids 
 We were relieved that the rain dried up in time for some outdoor shots
Hailey Maines has been Wes good friend since elementary school. 
 She was the one responsible for putting this whole group of kids together.  
 I knew her friend Amanda who was in the middle in the purple, but met the other three for the first time when they came over with their dates and parents on Saturday night.
The guy just to the right of Wes was Hailey's date and had been on Wes baseball team that Jeff had coached 7 or 8 years ago and we hadn't seen him since.
 It was fun to see him and his parents again!
 While we didn't know the other four when they came over, we were all cracking up by the time they left. 
 They really were a cute group of kids
 And their parents were fun bunch of people to meet too.
 It's funny how you can open your doors to a group of strangers and end up with a bunch of new friends
It was fun to send these two off for another fun night
I was a proud mama
And he was a proud papa!
 One great group of kids

Friday, April 25, 2014

Birthday Girl Bowled Over With Kindness and Fun!

sixteen 9 year old girls 
armed with glow in the dark accessories
and high pitched voices prepped for some serious cheering

grins on
hands up
tights a glow

and snacks for all
its on him...

one sassy teenager
a set of twins
and 38lbs of birthday girl to be carried around
"Princess Brynne" they chanted between turns
Screeches and screams and cheering galore 
and more carrying of the birthday girl when she bowled a spare
All 16 chanted her name every time she was up to bowl
They carried her in on their shoulders to begin the after bowling disco party
Strobe lights and laser shows
dancing and singing
then more singing 
clapping and blowing
 (smart girl asked for a texas sheet cake this year, my favorite)

followed by tons of posing

she was showered with presents
generous and sweet
They were all so excited for her to see what they had brought for her
It was cute how thoughtful so many of the gifts were 
It was clear these girls knew what Brynnes favorite things are
I've never seen so many girls all focused on making one little girls night perfect
but it seemed like thats what they were all about
They crowded around her 
hugged her 
carried her
and cheered her on all night
She loved this box of Flaming Hot Cheetos almost as much as she loved all the attention 
still young enough to be thrilled to end up twinning
to be entertained by pony tails held up by helium balloons

happy with countless rounds of bingo
And still had enough energy for a second round of dancing and pillow fighting!
They even tried to "take down the teenager" Jess

They were still flying through the air at midnight

Finally around 1:30 they started to wind down and fall asleep.  
As I sat listening to the last of the whispering and giggling I teared up a little just knowing what this night had meant to my little peanut.  She has said that at school it sometimes seems like she's invisible and that no one even notices her. After this night though it was clear to me that Brynne has some very good friends. Girls who love her and are looking out for her.  Girls who care what she thinks and how she feels.  On the eve of her 9th birthday she had the best day she could ever remember. She was not only seen, she was important, she was loved. She went to sleep happy.