Sunday, April 27, 2014

Blessed Sunday

I had so many reasons to smile this Sunday.  Hearing a great young man report on his mission to Argentina just two days after arriving home.  A beautiful musical number performed in sacrament meeting.  A beautiful lesson by Linda Haning in Relief Society.  Seeing Brynne's face light up when she saw Diana after church.  So much love between these two.
 After church my parents and all my guys went to the home of our Stake Patriarch to listen as Wes received his Patriarchal Blessing.
 My heart was full of love and gratitude for these guys as we were walking in and I made them stop and just look at me for a quick second. There are times my heart takes a picture and those moments are forever etched into my memory, but today I wanted an actual shot to look back at as well.
 The blessing was incredible and powerful.  It is such a sacred experience and one that I am so proud of Wes for seeking out.  He is an incredible kid and I am grateful to be his mom.
Sunday evening was the kickoff for our PDA, prescription drug awareness, event.  We had a great turn out and lots of registrations for our 5k that will be held on Saturday.  There were a couple of beautiful musical numbers performed and we had the opportunity to hear two powerful messages.  One from a beautiful young mom and wife who is 5 years sober, a drug and alcohol addict. The other was from a local news anchor who has had the heartbreaking experience of dealing with two of her three gifted and talented children having their lives taken over by drug abuse.  This opportunity to raise awareness of an issue that has touched so many of us in various ways is one that I am grateful to be a part of.  
So many good things on one beautiful sunny day. Busy for sure but smiling through it all!

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