Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Bunch of Fools!

Today was the first day of April and it turned us all into a bunch of fools! 
 This morning early I caught Drew with my brand new package of Oreos.  He was hard at work emptying the thick white frosting and replacing it with a heaping dose of Colgate toothpaste!  He put several of them back into the package but brought a stash with him for the day as well.  
My dad and Jeff were victims of the package ing the pantry.  A cute girl at school was subjected to the arresting combo of flavors and he even brought a couple to share with his leaders at church tonight!  
Brynne really wanted to play some pranks on her brothers. There isn't much that girl delights in more than some hearty teasing.  She considered all of her options and then wrangled our current helper Rachel into helping her by TPing the boys bedrooms when they were at school.  
She did a GREAT job!  When the boys came home a half an hour before Brynne they took the opportunity to retaliate.  Almost all of the toilet paper that had covered their three bedrooms covered Brynnes room.  The rest went to mine as they wrongly assumed I had been her accomplice!
Tonight while the boys were at mutual Brynne insisted on getting the boys yet again!  This time Rachel helped Brynne and her friend Isabel fill tons of tiny cups of water to cover the boys bedroom floors. It was awesome!

Wes got a prank text from his prom date this morning letting him know she wasn't going to be able to go with him anymore.  He decided to prank her back and texted as though he was Jeff and said that Wes had been in a car accident on the way to school and was in the hospital.  He even found a picture of a car just like his that was crashed and sent it.  When her mother texted to see how he was doing, Wes decided it had gone too far and let her in on his prank.  She said her husband was on his way to the hospital to get more information.  Wes felt horrible and made cookies after school to deliver with a sincere apology.  We are all just hoping the cute girl can forgive him, but the jury's out. 
So it goes at the Bohn Home.  Some teasing was taken in stride, some was met with a few eye rolls, and some was not received well at all, but however it went, the day made fools of us all!

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