Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Day

Okay so I didn't turn 25 on my day this year.  But I did have a friend bake and deliver this amazing lemon cake for me along with another friend who provided the ice cream for the birthday celebrations
I did receive lots of thoughtful little gifts and cards a few that had me in tears
 I received sweet text messages
a handful of fun phone calls
and tons of messages on Facebook that totally made me smile
I had lunch with my mom and a few girlfriends 
had the proudest little girl give me a gift she had picked out all on her own 
(fierce photo bomb creds to Garrett)
got pampered with cute nails and a massage with Brynne in the afternoon
And had a yummy dinner with my family
including two of the McCauley's
And the crazy man who ordered a s'mores cheesecake!
One of the best treats of the day was this cute guy getting into town just in time for dinner!

My day had been off to a very late and very rough start. And of all the days it was one of those that I just looked in the mirror and thought, yeah I don't really like what I'm working with here.  But by the days end because of the company of good friends, my sweet family and all the social media outlets I was totally over all of it. Regardless of how I started my day or viewed myself, I felt loved and there's no better feeling than that.  
Turned out to be a happy day after all! A big fat thanks to all of you who made me feel special and loved!


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Glad you had a great birthday!