Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hanging Out

 Billy and his mini me are here visiting us with the rest of his cute family.
 Miles is such a little love I cant keep my lips off of his chubby little cheeks! I seriously want to just eat him up. His little personality makes you smile and you don't even realize it!
 We brought the kids over to the park Saturday morning after Billy and I had gotten back from exercising and while Jen and Mom were finishing up their runs.
The kids didn't mind hanging around the park 
 Brynne showed Britta how she could climb up the climbing wall and then slide down the pole
 Britta did great up the climbing wall but the only way down is the pole and it is a little bit of a stretch to reach it.  Bless her heart she tried, but it was just a little too terrifying to make that leap.
 Billy ended up climbing up the pole to retrieve her
 He coaxed her out to the pole by climbing onto his legs to get there
 He helped her feel secure on the pole and then let her go down first
 She was anxious the whole way down, but instead of relief at landing she broke down sobbing, "that was scary, so scary!"  Poor girl! I just wonder how many times a day some parent is climbing up that thing to retrieve their child. A slide as another alternative to get down would sure be nice.
So we called it a wrap on the park and the girls drove home.
I'm just loving having time with Billy and Jen and their kids.  It's been such a good visit!  

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