Monday, April 14, 2014

First Day of Spring Break 2014

Billy's kids had never been to the beach.  It was decided that monday would be a good day to change this.  We had tons to do and not a lot of time to spend at the beach so instead of listening to them whine about being in the car longer than we would actually be at the beach I instructed them to find some friends to join us.  When the car ride is fun then it doesn't matter how long you're at your destination. This mom's no dummy!
 We were actually making good time on the way there until construction on 41 put us at a complete standstill for about 15 minutes.  
Drew walked up to talk to the guy holding the stop sign to get the scoop.  I took advantage and made the boys gather up and toss all the trash from the McDonald's run on the way out of town.  
And still we sat.  For a while the boys entertained themselves by waving and trying to talk to all the cars that came through from the other direction.
Always the sarcastic one.  Garret decided to grab a beach chair and take off his shirt and work on his tan right there at Jack Ranch Cafe.  Our fellow westbound travelers found him quite entertaining!
 When we finally arrived the sun was just starting to break through the morning fog.
 My mom was excited to show Britta and Jocelyn the waves.
Cute little Miles wasn't too sure what he thought about the sand 
 Jocelyn wasn't sure what she thought about the beach in general.
 Britta however was loving it!
 When my big kids wandered off on "an adventure" I pulled out my new book.  I cracked up laughing when I found this bookmark made by one of my boys as I was digging through boxes last week.  I decided it needed to be put to use.  So glad my son thinks I'm "narrow"!
Drew asked to borrow my sunglasses.  When he asked how did he look I offered to take a pic to show him.  As soon as I got the shot he asked,"So did I look like a supermodel?" Love that boy!
 Brynne was happy to be curled up in her favorite spot, grandpa's lap.
 Back from their adventure and happy to enjoy the now clear sunny skies.
This is our new favorite beach food.  A mini BBQ for hot dogs totally hits the spot and doesn't require much in the way of packing.  
 Garrett didn't want the gulls missing out on lunch and took it upon himself to provide a balanced and complete meal of Cheez Its to our winged friends. 
 He quickly tired of being quite so popular though and chased off his new found friends.
 This might be only picture we got of Jocelyn smiling while at the beach! She hadn't been feeling well and that pesky sand that got all over everything wasn't making a good first impression on this little one.
 Britta on the other hand had an absolute blast and as Jen put it, "hugged the beach goodbye" Those sandy legs and her darling grin were awesome!
 The big kids had been "in nature" and had a great time all together.  I just love that they can all hang out together happily.
 It was time to say goodbye to Billy and Jen and family.  
It was really nice to have a few days to sit and catch up with them and love on their little Miles. 
They were leaving straight from the beach to begin their long journey back to Utah.  
But not before cleaning off this cute girls sandy little body!
My carload of big kids were a little crazy on the way home and kept me laughing.  This picture perfectly sums up the drive home.  We made it back all in one piece but need one more day with more time to play before sending the crew back to school!

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