Friday, April 25, 2014

Birthday Girl Bowled Over With Kindness and Fun!

sixteen 9 year old girls 
armed with glow in the dark accessories
and high pitched voices prepped for some serious cheering

grins on
hands up
tights a glow

and snacks for all
its on him...

one sassy teenager
a set of twins
and 38lbs of birthday girl to be carried around
"Princess Brynne" they chanted between turns
Screeches and screams and cheering galore 
and more carrying of the birthday girl when she bowled a spare
All 16 chanted her name every time she was up to bowl
They carried her in on their shoulders to begin the after bowling disco party
Strobe lights and laser shows
dancing and singing
then more singing 
clapping and blowing
 (smart girl asked for a texas sheet cake this year, my favorite)

followed by tons of posing

she was showered with presents
generous and sweet
They were all so excited for her to see what they had brought for her
It was cute how thoughtful so many of the gifts were 
It was clear these girls knew what Brynnes favorite things are
I've never seen so many girls all focused on making one little girls night perfect
but it seemed like thats what they were all about
They crowded around her 
hugged her 
carried her
and cheered her on all night
She loved this box of Flaming Hot Cheetos almost as much as she loved all the attention 
still young enough to be thrilled to end up twinning
to be entertained by pony tails held up by helium balloons

happy with countless rounds of bingo
And still had enough energy for a second round of dancing and pillow fighting!
They even tried to "take down the teenager" Jess

They were still flying through the air at midnight

Finally around 1:30 they started to wind down and fall asleep.  
As I sat listening to the last of the whispering and giggling I teared up a little just knowing what this night had meant to my little peanut.  She has said that at school it sometimes seems like she's invisible and that no one even notices her. After this night though it was clear to me that Brynne has some very good friends. Girls who love her and are looking out for her.  Girls who care what she thinks and how she feels.  On the eve of her 9th birthday she had the best day she could ever remember. She was not only seen, she was important, she was loved. She went to sleep happy.  


Susan Madsen said...

Thanks for sharing! You have one special young lady, and Allen and I are so grateful to have her in our class. She is well loved, you have a wonderful family!!

Susan Madsen said...
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Tawna said...

I love this, Jen. Of course, anyone with a brain in their head loves Brynne. :) Happy (late) birthday, lil' lady!