Saturday, April 12, 2014

Open House

 Brynne's school decided to give an early morning open house schedule to see if it would work better for families with lots of evening activities in the spring last year.  Apparently it went over well because they did it again this year!
 I have always loved going to open house in the spring with each of my kids.  They are so proud and excited to show you all the things they have been working on at school.  This was the first time I've ever gone with just one of my kids though.  Brynne is the only one in elementary school now.  Previously we just split our time between all of the kids.  Even when Wes was the only one in school I had the younger siblings in tow. 
 Because it was just the two of us we took our time.  She was so excited to show me the butterflies she had in cocoons in the classroom! 
We have loved her teacher Mr Carroll this year.  He was my youngest brother Sterling's 6th grade teacher years ago.  He was also Wes 2nd grade teacher when we first came to Garfield. It was kinda cool to come full circle with my youngest being with him this year.  He's been so patient and sweet with her and she thinks he's tons of fun! I think her smile says it all!
Because there was no rush we had extra time after seeing everything in her class.  Brynne said she would be really happy if I would go out to the playground with her, so of course that's right where we headed.
I asked her where she liked to play and she said she didn't usually come over here but since I was there she thought she could.  I couldn't get her to explain why she didn't usually play here.  I know she spends a lot of recesses on her own and that sometimes she feels invisible to the kids at school. 
 It breaks my heart to think of her on her own or feeling like she can't play at the playground without help. I don't know if being so small of having a hard time seeing plays a factor into things, but it made my heart so happy to be able to take her over there and just play with her.  There were a few girls who had been in her classes previous years who saw her out there and came over to give her a hug and big smiles.  That really touched me.  I know I'm a bit sensitive when it comes to her, but I just hate the idea of things being so much harder for her, and it kills me to think of her feeling alone.
 On a daily basis there isn't much I can do about it, but on this day I got to see her feeling confident, happy and proud.  She played like a little almost 9 year old should, and she felt loved. Regardless of the day or time, or cute projects shared, being able to share this bit of one on one time with my little peanut made this open house a success and me one happy mom.

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