Monday, April 7, 2014

Laughter is the Best Medicine

We laughed through lunch.
 We laughed as the boys posed with pretty feet
 We laughed as Tara kept trying to take a picture where I didn't look like I am the size of a moose.  After she looked at each shot she'd say "well, maybe try it like this..." then look at the picture and try another suggestion. Pretty much I was going to look like a moose from any angle. 
 But now when I see the picture and I really am the size of a moose, I'll laugh remembering how hard we all tried to make me look otherwise.
 And then we laughed because naturally my beauty queen sister takes a great slimming shot first take.  I felt like kicking her in the shins for it, but decided just to laugh.
I laughed at these boys competing to see who could be my next favorite son 
 I laughed as Haley and Kristie realized their husbands torture them in similar ways
 We laughed as Haley only wanted a picture hiding behind a pillow and Brynne photo bombed
 We laughed because we can't even be fierce and then at Drew bombing in the back.
And then we laughed til we cried and I can't even tell you why.  I love being surrounded by people I love. And I really love to laugh.

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