Wednesday, February 11, 2009


On Friday we...

are going to..
on a...
and visit all the islands. In Maui we are going to go on a
where we will be exploring sea caves, swimming with sea turtles and dolphins, snorkel at the Molokini crater, and watch for whales since it is one of the best weeks of the year for sightings. We have a day in Hilo hiking the
And then a day in Kona where we will try out
Next we will spend a few days in Kauai where we will go
Then its back to Oahu where we are really going to try this
I am so looking forward to sitting here
instead of here.
And I am excited to trade this

for these, but, for now I'm mostly wearing these


because before I get to I'm going to have to decide on one of these

So in the mean time I'll be dining on
instead of
Wish me luck!