Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Just Another Day

Some days I wake up and feel just like this
I came home from the gym yesterday morning to find this scene in my back yard

It's amazing what some good music and productivity can do for you though. I am totally digging' the soundtrack from If I Stay right now.
And the thought crossed my mind that while there may be some telephone lines and vacant fields close at hand if you look a little further beyond there are palm trees, blue skies and even some snow capped mountain tops.  
Then I got to watch Garrett fill in at the JV rugby game last night.  The kid is a beast out there on the field and so dang good. Made my heart happy to watch him do something he loves so much.
And then I was ready for a little Jen time.  My friend Jan is an excellent teacher and was kind enough to   spend her evening giving me the basics of tennis. I've been wanting to learn to play for years and I had a blast.
I came home to find one of my favorite treats and turn down service from the Hubs.
Everyday has the potential to be great or not so great, depending on what I decide to focus on. My life is far from a fairy tale but I choose to focus on and share the good stuff. I believe that happy thoughts and gratitude make for happy grateful people.  Today was just another day, but it ended up being a good one.