Monday, May 23, 2011

I Wonder...

I have been back and forth so many times this month I've lost count.  Splint, cast, splint.  No surgery, surgery, no surgery, surgery.   Sane, not so sane, and sane again.  Two things that haven't changed?  I've been busy and I've not been able to do nearly as much as I'd like.   One permanent change is on the way though.
In the morning I will have  a pin and a screw put in my wrist to hold my scaphoid together.  After discussing my injury with several doctors it sounds like surgery is going to give me the fastest recovery. It is also quite likely where I would have ended up even if I had waited a few more months to see if the bone would heal on its own.  I'm a little relieved, a little nervous, and a tad curious.

I took today off from wearing the splint I've had for the last two weeks.  Just a little breather before I'm casted up again for another long while.  I keep looking down at my wrist that after tomorrow will bear a scar leaving me a permanent visible reminder of this adventure in my life.  I wonder how it will feel to have hardware in my bones.  I don't even know if they will leave them in or take them out once the bone has healed.  I wonder what I'll feel like coming out of the anesthesia, and how much I'll be up for in the days immediately following.  I wonder how long it will really take to heal, and how well my wrist will work when it does.  Can I really survive a Fresno summer without swimming? And how in the world will I ever get rid of these crazy tan lines that are going to get MUCH worse?

I'm sure I'll get creative and find some way to survive the heat.  The tan lines are definitely a lost cause. Likely it will be a small scar, a quick procedure, and I'll feel just fine.  I'll probably be set to head out to Whiskeytown for our annual trip later in the week.  For sure it will take at least 8 weeks to heal, and I will probably just be grateful for my wrist to work again at all.  But still, I wonder...

Monday, May 9, 2011

I'm In!!!

I'm hoping this will be the year that I am ready.  I'm hoping this will be the year that I finally run my race.  It's up to me to make it happen.  Third times a charm right?

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I am blessed to call her Mom
I am blessed to be called Mom by this crazy crew.
Happy Mothers Day!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Done? Hardly!

While discussing my cast inducing crash with someone the other day, they commented, "Well I guess you're done riding quads huh!?" Yep, I'm also done, walking on bumpy sidewalks, riding bikes and in cars, done training for races, skiing, and I'll probably never fly again either...NOT!!!! Our week riding at the cabin was way too much fun.  Before the crash there were solitary runs under a beautiful sky
 There were movies and massages
There were fashion statements
Wild animals and wild children

Essentials like naps and snacks
Muddy bikes and muddy boys
There were girls in helmets and happy faces
There was fort building, picture making and picture taking
And still there was time for riding!  There were rides in the mule
And rides through the mud
There were rides through the river and up to the falls
Some rides were just for the guys
 And some were for their rugged brides
 Sometimes we rode fast and raced through the trees, and then we'd slow down and take in sights like these...
 So am I done riding on quads? Hardly!
Sure there are risks in riding these machines, but I couldn't say, no thanks to all of these things.  I'll learn from my mistakes and next time I'll do better. But I wouldn't stay home and miss out on the fun, and even now I don't think I'd have agreed to miss that very last run.  I'll live and I'll learn but I'm always going to play, life's just a lot more fun that way!!