Monday, May 2, 2011

Done? Hardly!

While discussing my cast inducing crash with someone the other day, they commented, "Well I guess you're done riding quads huh!?" Yep, I'm also done, walking on bumpy sidewalks, riding bikes and in cars, done training for races, skiing, and I'll probably never fly again either...NOT!!!! Our week riding at the cabin was way too much fun.  Before the crash there were solitary runs under a beautiful sky
 There were movies and massages
There were fashion statements
Wild animals and wild children

Essentials like naps and snacks
Muddy bikes and muddy boys
There were girls in helmets and happy faces
There was fort building, picture making and picture taking
And still there was time for riding!  There were rides in the mule
And rides through the mud
There were rides through the river and up to the falls
Some rides were just for the guys
 And some were for their rugged brides
 Sometimes we rode fast and raced through the trees, and then we'd slow down and take in sights like these...
 So am I done riding on quads? Hardly!
Sure there are risks in riding these machines, but I couldn't say, no thanks to all of these things.  I'll learn from my mistakes and next time I'll do better. But I wouldn't stay home and miss out on the fun, and even now I don't think I'd have agreed to miss that very last run.  I'll live and I'll learn but I'm always going to play, life's just a lot more fun that way!!


haley said...

That's tell'em!! We're not gonna git'er done for a long time:)

Bill said...

Gotta love my girl! This family has a great mom! You get through whatever life throws. I'm leaving in a few minutes to take you to get your surgery, and I know you'll get through that too! Life is a great adventure, isn't it?