Thursday, June 28, 2012


Our road trip to Utah got a late start resulting in a Las Vegas "layover". The room at the hotel had conveniently provided a few essentials. Water, candy, chips and a love box. Wow. Only in Vegas...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Taking Yosemite By Bike

We rolled in like Japanese tourists, all smiles and peace signs
We cheesed it up by the river at Happy Isles for a group shot
and then we buzzed all over the valley like a swarm of bees on bikes
Our youngest riders Brynne and Aidan rode like champs all day long
Brynne rode caboose with me for a bit and then traded up for a better and faster ride
With Austen and Wes gone to EFY and Garrett at rugby camp it was up to these 7 kiddos to keep us entertained.  
And that they did, this shot could be entered into awkward family photos, but Brynne had specific ideas about where and how the pictures were to be taken for the day... kept things interesting for sure!
It was also what led to this precarious and attractive pose
Scrambling on the logs and jumping into the river are just a few of the things that kept us smiling all day long!
Swim suit bums and little ducklings 
racing through the river with favorite friends
making grand entrances 

and receiving a chilly welcome
having the courage to follow in your big brothers footsteps
Baking on the hot rocks
Reaching new heights
even when you're bribed to get there
conquering your fears
and experiencing the thrill of the fall...reasons to smile indeed!
Burgers, pizza, packets upon packets of parmesan cheese, close encounters with scavenging squirrels, mother daughter bonding, and a bite of mint chip ice cream were the recipe for happy riders all through lunch.
After Happy Isles and Mirror Lake we were ready for Yosemite Falls
This was where Aidan went MIA for a bit, and Drew lost his helmet, but it wasn't a complete disaster, we also had tons of fun here.
Brynne struck a pondering pose
Kylie planked and Brynne stacked while Drew smoldered, Lauren snapped, and Aidan mugged
We took the annual family photo of the Van Wag clan and Aidan photo bombed, missing the memo about which face to wear entirely
These cute kids defied gravity for a few seconds
And Brynne somehow came up with a brilliant plan, that I should pay her money in exchange allowing me to take her picture...I can't decide who looks more mischievous her or her partner in crime!
The gorgeous Greenlaws at the base of the falls
Three of the coolest kids I know
And me with my youngest two. By the days end Brynnes eyes were closing and her head started nodding off as she rode along on her little caboose.  She said the highlight of her day was climbing up to this point below the falls and when she rode really fast when Reed was pulling her.  Drews hands and face were filthy and his lips and eyes were still smiling.  He probably thanked me and told me how glad he was that we had come at least ten times throughout the day.  This mommy's heart was full.  Grateful for quality time with these two. Humbled and a little surprised at Brynne's tenacity. Grateful for sweet friends who were happy to help and had planned such a fun day.  This won't be the last time we take You-semite by bike!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Lovin'

Three days in and here's what summer looks like so far...swimming, reading, boating, hiking and biking! I'm lovin' it!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

All That Sass!!

Little Miss Sassy Pants had another dance recital last weekend.  
Her routine was to Cindy Lauper's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, but we were told to put the girls in fluorescents and think 80's Madonna...

The lacy yellow tank that didn't match the hot pink skirt was "just too weird" according to Brynne, but after a $5 bribe she was sold on it.
As usual she was completely entertaining to watch. So much smaller than the rest of the girls but with so much SPUNK!
The hot pink aviator shades were a last minute find and really didn't have any intention of her wearing them for the performance but I have to admit I totally LOVED them!
Somehow part of her little skirt got tucked up halfway through the performance but it was too cute not to snap a pic
Tara had 3 of her girls performing as well so we had a whole crew of family there to cheer the girls on.
Brynne loved having her own fan club
We celebrated her fun day with dinner at Dog House Grill. Just one more reason to keep on smiling!