Monday, February 28, 2011

Presidents Weekend=Ski Weekend

Yep, it was a no brainer.  We had loads of fresh powder and a 3 day weekend, so of course we spent it on the hill.  Saturday was absoulutely beautiful.  I snapped these pictures with my phone at one of my favorite parts of the drive up to China Peak.  It also happens to be on my regular bike riding route, I love it!  
We brought all the kids up on Saturday. 
Each of us took a turn sitting with Brynne in the lodge once she was all skied out.  You know, after those six runs down the magic carpet... I'm hoping eventually she'll get the hang of it!
We made it up without the chains even though they were required, but knew we'd be stupid to try to navigate the roads on the way home after they had frozen up again.  Jeff got to do chain duty on his own though because I HATE, I mean really really hate, the new chains he bought.  That's a story all on it's own though.  Suffice it to say, I'm getting another set of the kind I used to have, before they were destroyed on our horrific drive to Idaho in December.  Until then Jeff's doing a really good job at pretending these are the best chains we've ever owned!
As a complete side note here, I like the picture of me below almost as much as I like Jeff's new chains, but I wanted to show the cute hat I made to match my new coat! Fun huh?
Monday Jeff worked and Brynne played with Grandpa.  I got to come ski with my boys, three of Garrett's friends, and  Jason, Austin and Lauren.  I spent most of my time on the lift with little Lou.  She is the cutest little bug and just talked nonstop, kind of like her aunt has a tenency to do.  She had me completely entertained!

After lunch we all met up at Ullman's alley and the photo session began.  
Jason was on the video camera and I brought my telephoto lens.  The guys were in heaven putting their skills on display!
We went home frozen as a bunch of popsicles but had an incredible weekend!  Sure glad those presidents had birthdays ;)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tahoe...Twist My Arm!

Our good friends the Allen's love skiing at Northstar in Tahoe, and invited us to join them at their friends cabin for a weekend in January.  Of course there was no way we were going to miss out on that opportunity!

The cabin was beautiful and just a 5 minute drive to the resort.  

The village was packed with people and had such a fun atmosphere!
Jeff and Craig picked up the tickets

While everyone else waited around looking cute
It was a gorgeous day and the snow was awesome!
We had such a great time visiting while we waited in lines and rode the lifts, and of course everyone loved the fun runs there!

By the time we stopped for lunch we had all worked up a pretty good appetite and the food was fabulous!

Jeff, Craig and Wes wrapped up the day skiing the backside of the mountain, Garrett and Drew stuck with the terrain park, and Nan, Carter, Dev and I did a little of everything.  
It was a perfect day, and the looks on everyone's faces says it all!
Back at the cabin we were all in recovery mode. 

Sinking into the over sized leather couches, we  battled each other in countless rounds of Words With Friends on our phones and ipads, followed by a round of  Apples to Apples.
Drew downloaded Risk onto my phone and was totally enraptured!

Sunday morning was beautiful! We drove down to attend church at the North Lake Tahoe 
Ward and stopped on our way back for a few pictures.

We all wished we could stay longer in this little slice of Heaven.  You won't have to twist my arm to get me to head back!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Ball for the Princess

 Every little girl dreams of being a princess.  Brynne decided the Daddy Daughter Dance for her elementry school was the perfect opportunity to live out that dream as best she could.  She spent over a week delibertating over which of her princess dress ups she was going to wear.  In the end, and much to my relief she selected a real dress from her closet. It was hanging from her door along with the rest of her ensemble the night before the dance.
She insisted on a necklace with the most jewels, and of course a tiara.
She gave specific directions on how her hair was to be curled and then precisely how the tiara was to be worn with the curls. 
Her toes and finger tips were painted red to match her dress.  Her prince was given specific directions on his attire several days before the event. "Oh, and Dad, you'll be wearing your work clothes because those are your handsomest ones, oh but I'll be picking out your tie and shoes."  She did.  They were laying out for him before he left for work on Friday.
While Princess Brynne and her prince charming were invited to join friends whom she adores for dinner, Brynne declined, choosing instead to go to Sweet Tomatoes.  She was really pushing for Sweet Tomatoes followed immediately by John's Incredible Pizza and THEN the dance, but sometimes even princesses have to choose just one place to eat.
She had a ball at the dinner and the dance!
When the clock struck 8, and the music stopped, Brynne once again declined an invitation from friends to go out for ice cream.  She had her own agenda... laser tag of course!  Brynne, Jeff and one rascally little 13 year old were the only ones in there.  Of  course the princess and her date won, and it was a fabulous end to their night!
On Sunday Brynne conned Grandpa Bill into playing along with her fairy tale.   She was the princess and he was the knight and he had to do whatever she told him to.  Then they got married and she explained to him he still had to do whatever she told him to because they were married now.  What a grand imagination!