Saturday, February 12, 2011

Blazing into the New Year

 We spent the last night of 2010 at Todd and Trina's house in Idaho Falls.  Grandma snuggled with her grand kids that she doesn't see as often as she would like.
Ben and Wes took the opportunity to catch up and share some laughs.
The Bohn kids from California and New Mexico were thrilled for another night of playing together after a long 4 years between visits.
Jeff loved having the kids get to know his siblings a little better and playing tickle monster with all his nieces and nephews after relentless begging.  He has a reputation of the fun uncle to uphold since his days of bachelorhood.
Britni and Brandon loved teasing with Brynne and spoiling her a little too.
Elise made everyone smile with those big blue eyes and munchable cheeks.
Bridger was grateful to have some boys his age around
Cody and Britni snuggled up and enjoyed their last New Years eve without children of their own!
And then things got competitive as they always do with a house full of Bohns.  Cody took on my boys young and old with the XBox Kinnect.  First with track and then boxing.
Jeff and Brad had to give it a try next.
And then before you knew it the boys had their kids dueling it out!
 Things got so intense Belinda started climbing the walls!
 Luckily it was time to ring in the new year, and everyone clamored around the back porch in the -12* weather.
 Any guesses who the thick skinned Idahoans were?
 These guys didn't want to mess around with a few little sparklers...they did things up Idaho style and just burned down a whole tree!
 These three were totally impressed!
 And so it happened, that we blazed into the new year full of Idahoan gusto, with only a few ashes and a handful of footprints to show for our exciting night.

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Tawna said...

Fun Jen. I love the way you write & miss your fam! Glad your kids got some good ole' Idaho fun. :)