Saturday, February 12, 2011


It's been years since this many of the Bohn family have all been together!  Just hours before we were set to begin our journey home Spencer and Ilah and their brood of 7 paid us a surprise visit!! When the Bohn brothers all get together they can get a little crazy!
Sherry is always quick to reaffirm to her daughters in law, that she did raise them to behave better than they do.  We are used to their antics by now though.
They make no excuses for themselves.
With the passing of years, distance in miles, unexpected events and illnesses, these boys have grown to love and appreciate the time they have together.
Their children are not much different!
These cousins all between 13 and 15 can't get enough time together.  They are constantly chatting via facebook and texting,  staying close regardless of the states between them.
The younger crew will likely follow their lead.
Trina and her husband Todd
Brad's oldest Lindsey and Uncle Todd
Jeff has always had a soft spot for Trina's oldest daughter Britni who is now expecting a little one of her own!
 I think Todd and Jeff resemble each other most of all the siblings.
Brandon, Grandpa Teddy and Brad
 Todd and Ashley, the oldest of his triplets, and the passenger on Todd's motorcycle when he crashed a few years ago.  
Trina and her oldest Brandon 
 Ben and Ashley
 It was so much fun to sit back and watch the cousins having so much fun together, to see the siblings fall right into their familiar roles in the family, and to watch Ted and Sherry lovingly take it all in.

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