Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Slippin' and Slidin'

What else can you do in Idaho with a crew of 17 Bohns when it's a whopping 9* outside?  We opted for a bit of sledding!
Jeff with his sister Trina and brother Brad. 
Brooke, Lindsey, and Wes

Me with Trina and Brad's wife Camille
We loaded up Todd's truck with sleds and an Igloo of hot chocolate and some cookies and we were ready for the fun to begin! 
Alli and Dallin of the New Mexico Bohn clan
Train making started at once...
Brad, Jeff, Wes and Belinda
Todd, Nathan, Dallin, Brooke, Lindsey, Drew, Wes, Garrett, Jeff, Belinda, Brad, and Alli! They made it  all the way down the hill in tact! 

If you look closely you can see Trina warming up in Todd's truck just behind Garrett.  I think everyone took a turn warming up in there at some point during the fun.

Of course the guys had to take the trains to the next level and started just stacking up on top of each other! I politely declined since someone needed to stand back and take the pictures...

Every once in a while we'd just start laughing at how crazy we were to be out playing in such cold weather, but it didn't seem to bother anyone enough to want to go home!  Smiles were abundant!

I've always had a hard time deciding who some of my kids look more like, my side or Jeff's.  As we put all these Bohn cousins together the resemblences were pretty striking! 
Lindsey and Garrett

Drew and Nathan
Brooke and Wes
Once the guys were over the thrill of the trains and stacking they moved on to "surfing" on their sleds.  Without anything to hold their feet in place like the boys are used to on their snowboards, this was pretty comical to watch!

Brynne wanted nothing to do with any of the cold business but wanted to be where all of the action was.  She stayed in Todd's truck for quite a while and finally agreed to come out and give sledding a try.  She rode down a few times, keeping her eyes closed and her head burried in her coat, but she absolutely loved it!
She was beaming when we put her back into the car to thaw out!
In spite of the incredibly cold weather, everyone had a blast.  It was one of those days that the kids will remember for years to come!

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