Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Ball for the Princess

 Every little girl dreams of being a princess.  Brynne decided the Daddy Daughter Dance for her elementry school was the perfect opportunity to live out that dream as best she could.  She spent over a week delibertating over which of her princess dress ups she was going to wear.  In the end, and much to my relief she selected a real dress from her closet. It was hanging from her door along with the rest of her ensemble the night before the dance.
She insisted on a necklace with the most jewels, and of course a tiara.
She gave specific directions on how her hair was to be curled and then precisely how the tiara was to be worn with the curls. 
Her toes and finger tips were painted red to match her dress.  Her prince was given specific directions on his attire several days before the event. "Oh, and Dad, you'll be wearing your work clothes because those are your handsomest ones, oh but I'll be picking out your tie and shoes."  She did.  They were laying out for him before he left for work on Friday.
While Princess Brynne and her prince charming were invited to join friends whom she adores for dinner, Brynne declined, choosing instead to go to Sweet Tomatoes.  She was really pushing for Sweet Tomatoes followed immediately by John's Incredible Pizza and THEN the dance, but sometimes even princesses have to choose just one place to eat.
She had a ball at the dinner and the dance!
When the clock struck 8, and the music stopped, Brynne once again declined an invitation from friends to go out for ice cream.  She had her own agenda... laser tag of course!  Brynne, Jeff and one rascally little 13 year old were the only ones in there.  Of  course the princess and her date won, and it was a fabulous end to their night!
On Sunday Brynne conned Grandpa Bill into playing along with her fairy tale.   She was the princess and he was the knight and he had to do whatever she told him to.  Then they got married and she explained to him he still had to do whatever she told him to because they were married now.  What a grand imagination!

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