Monday, February 14, 2011

An Anniversary

Last Sunday was an anniversary of sorts.  One year since I fell in love with skiing.
Last year between February 6th and May 3rd I believe I went skiing 36 times.  My running total so far this season is somewhere around 13.
I have come alone to clear my mind and take in the beautiful scenery.
I came at the start of the new year with my guys and nephew Austin to enjoy the biggest snow storm dumped onto our mountain in 50 years!
The gorgeous blue skies at China Peak are most appreciated on the days the valley is covered in a thick blanket of fog.  
When you can actually see the sky and enjoy the sunset.
It always feels so eerie driving back down into it though!
Snowy and cold, or sunny and clear, it doesn't really matter.  You can usually find me on the mountain with skis on my feet about twice a week. Sometimes I'm on my own,
 or with a crew of kids, 
the husband, 
or a girlfriend or two.  Regardless, it still has me smiling one year later...
Happy ski anniversary to me!


Tawna said...

Fun Jen! And I just thought you should know: I often pull up your blog even after I've read the most recent post and use your playlist as my backround music while I do things in my room. Just such fun stuff! :0) Makes me happy, and I can totally picture my cool cousin listenin' and singin' to these songs. They fit you. Love ya'!

haley said...

Yay, it's snowing this week!!

Kirsten said...

happy anniversary my friend. glad it was a good one. here's to many more.