Sunday, April 6, 2014

Happy 17th Wes!

 Sunday was Wes Birthday
We had a full house to help celebrate!
 Tara's family minus Jason and Jessica got here Saturday evening. Nan arrived on Sunday afternoon and Carter was still here.
And one of Wes long time friends Hailey came by with cupcakes
The kids all have such a good time just hanging out with each other.
We were so excited to have Nan come and she even insisted on making and bringing an entire meal of yummy enchiladas, rice, salad, dips and chips, and fresh strawberries!
My mom made her famous strawberry shortcake for the birthday boy
I think he was even a little afraid of how many candles were on that cake
I can't believe how grown up this guy is. Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating his first birthday!
Here is most of  Sunday's crew
 Cute Brynne had asked Rachel to take her shopping last week and she picked out a shirt for Wes for his birthday.  She sure knows what here brother likes!
 We wrapped up the night being silly. Very silly.
 Reverse charades is always entertaining to watch.
 Especially when the boys have to act out a beauty pageant!
 I love that this big guy still hasn't outgrown snuggling up with his mom.  
We all had the best time just lazying around this evening 
 Carter was super excited to see that Nan had brought their dog Cody up to see him.  He and Shelby had a fun afternoon together.
And Nan who works as a massage therapist treated most of the kids to a good massage before heading home late Sunday.  Wes couldn't have asked for a better end to his day. I am just so grateful for a long lazy Sunday with great conference talks, tons of time with family and an entire day of awesome food and celebrating my cute boy!

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