Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mormon Prom

The beautiful blond who doubted she could pin the flowers on the lapel

The surprise when it actually works!
My boy and the girl who's had a piece of his heart for a couple of years
A few of her besties and their dates

 The boy who's girlfriend is accompanying him to a dance NEXT week with the girl who's heart is belongs to a boy on a mission
 Mr Goofball and his date
 forever a good sport
 The couple that are definitely not a couple
 Barbie and Ken

 Cute girls

 Worth posting so many group pictures just to see all the faces of Campbell Jones

Three babes on a bench

 And the silly pics begin

 The kids with the women who love them most

And was Mormon Prom 2014. Next week, Buchanan Prom. Same date different group. Bring it on!

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