Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Apparently time is catching up with me.  Especially around the eyes. At least according to a recent examination of my face by a dermatologist.
Honestly I've never cared much about wrinkles or aging. I don't have a great skin care regime. I'm horrible about putting sunscreen on my face. In  fact just a basic washing of my face at night before I go to bed is about as good as it gets. But I went in at the request of my husband to have a spider vein looked at and ended up face to face with this map of my skin in various colors coded for different problems.  I just turned 38 years old and I guess it's time I start taking care of my face. I don't care enough to get botox, so spent about a week looking at different skin care products.  While I haven't cared enough to actually take care of my skin thus far,  I think I am still vain enough that I'd rather not post my before and after pics.  I will just say that I'm a only a few days in and I can already tell the difference.  So anyway, before time catches up with you, or maybe because it already has, take a look at this product and see if you like it as much as I do already!

(For the record I am not selling it, nor do I know anyone who is.  I do not stand to gain in any way from recommending this.  I just like it, so I thought I'd share)

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