Saturday, April 26, 2014

Prom Deaux 2014

 So another week brought another Prom
 Wes brought Lindsey again but this time to Buchanan's prom
 They were a little sillier this week 
 Caught her just hanging out like a super model while we were waiting for all the friends to show up 
These were a fun group of kids 
 We were relieved that the rain dried up in time for some outdoor shots
Hailey Maines has been Wes good friend since elementary school. 
 She was the one responsible for putting this whole group of kids together.  
 I knew her friend Amanda who was in the middle in the purple, but met the other three for the first time when they came over with their dates and parents on Saturday night.
The guy just to the right of Wes was Hailey's date and had been on Wes baseball team that Jeff had coached 7 or 8 years ago and we hadn't seen him since.
 It was fun to see him and his parents again!
 While we didn't know the other four when they came over, we were all cracking up by the time they left. 
 They really were a cute group of kids
 And their parents were fun bunch of people to meet too.
 It's funny how you can open your doors to a group of strangers and end up with a bunch of new friends
It was fun to send these two off for another fun night
I was a proud mama
And he was a proud papa!
 One great group of kids

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