Monday, April 28, 2014

Sweet Tomatoes Obesssion

Nothing too exciting for the rest of the world, but I have to document the Sweet Tomatoes obsession that has been going on at our house.  Brynne begs for it daily.  She loves the oriental salad but mostly just the chicken and wontons and mixes in tons of olive slices. She has countless bowls of macaroni and cheese.  She puts whipped honey butter on top of the little slices of pizza they serve. She eats a ton and its not too unhealthy either.
At least once a week this guy indulges her. Often its just the two of them.  
But regularly enough these guys get dragged along too. They don't hate it, but when its the one place we go over and over again when we eat out as a family it gets old pretty quickly.
It doesn't matter if I buy all the same ingredients and make the same food at home, she just wants it from Sweet Tomatoes. It's hard enough finding food she likes, so coming in and knowing she will leave with a full tummy is reason enough to keep coming back, again and again and again....

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