Sunday, August 28, 2011

Puppy Love

 It's true, I totally love this puppy.  I even talk to her in a funny little voice.  I want to bring her when I go places, and worry about how she's doing when I don't.
I stumble out to check on her as soon as I wake up.  I wander out to the garage to play with her in the middle of the day. 
I give her little puppy kisses and I even let her inside of my house!  My family was watching me with her tonight, and decided it was time they let me in on a little secret.  
This crew had regular meetings, secret meetings, and were involved in a conspiracy.  They plotted and planned.  They executed strategies, and played on my weaknesses.  Until eventually they wore me down.  They convinced me they were finally responsible enough to have a dog.  The responsibility would not be all mine.
So far they are holding up their end of the bargain pretty well.  They are quite pleased with themselves for working all the right angles and wearing me down.  But their daily comments can't conceal their shock at how attached I've become to our little Shelby.  Seriously though, how could you not love this face?!!!

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