Friday, July 10, 2015

Always CLIMB and zip!

There is a new Zip Line set up on the North Shore and its AMAZING!
The equipment is top notch

The views were awesome
The zips were long and over lush landscape
It was fun for all!
But it wasn't just zip lines 
There were a few stations where there were different kinds of rope pulleys you used to pull yourself up to the zip platforms
Garrett and Drew raced each other up 
cute litte drew actually held his own pretty well 
We had fun with the guides and various contests between the groups zipping on the different colored lines
one of our last zips we got to try with no hands and upside down
They said i was the first they'd seen go down like that 
We had two bridges to cross like this and they were really cool

It was a full day getting over to the other side of the island and back but so worth it! We will definitely be going back!
I was of course thrilled to make it back in time to watch the sun go down.

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