Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Don't Forget My Secret!

For as long as I can remember my Grandpa Huntington has had the world's best worst kept secret! I can guarantee that there isn't a single one of his grandkids or great grandkids that doesn't know what it is!
It starts like this," I have a secret do you know what it is?"
Pointing to his chest, "It's right under here, and it goes like this, I......"his finger starts to come off his chest and twirl towards you,"loooooooove......" more twirling at you as the anticipation builds and is sometimes accompanied by a little whistling, "you!" at which time there is usually at grand explosion of tickles somewhere under your chin and on your neck.

"How's my Jeni henny punkin pie, kissed the boys and made them sigh?" He says this to me still sometimes. He has always made me feel like I was the most important girl in the world. But I know he does the same for all of us.
Grandpa has always been all about his grandkids. When he first would see us he would run up like he was going to pick us up, only his hands would go up empty into the air without us! He would look into the sky for us and then would act so startled as he would find us still standing at his feet. "What are you doing down there?!"

Often he would ask if we would like to dance. He'd hold us in one arm and grasp our tiny hand with another. We'd swing back and forth and around and around. He crack up laughing if we were dizzy when he set us back down!

Grandpa always would sit in his recliner and tell us he needed help getting up. He'd hold out two fingers and just when we were about to give a pull with everything we had, he'd yank his fingers back and we'd tumble to the ground! If we ever got him up he'd spin us around while we clung to his fingers like in the picture below.

The favorite thing he does is the "doot de doo". This involves a little sing song and some poking on your back. Its just something you have to experience for yourself, because it can't be explained. However it is a prerequisite to joining the family. Just ask Billy's wife Jen!

Yesterday my grandpa came to my house to bring Drew home after their road trip to Utah. He scooped Brynne up into his arms and started into his usual routine. I smiled as Brynne finished his sentences and ate it all up. As he was leaving he looked me in the eye and said ,"Now Jeni, don't forget my secret!"
"I won't Grandpa. Promise!" I felt a little wave of emotion as I waved goodbye thinking of how lucky I am to have such love and support from my grandparents and that my kids are now enjoying those same relationships.

I don't think it matters how many years go by, I can't imagine that I will ever forget my grandpa's secret!


Tara Rickards said...

I love this post! I love how you captured all of the cute things Grandpa does. He really is the best Grandpa! I love how he makes us all feel so special and loved. Great old pictures too!

Amber said...


I think that's the best post I've ever read period!!! What a great tribute to your grandpa. He's got a great talent for making all feel loved, whether you've known him for a lifetime or just a day. I felt it the very first time I met him, you are lucky to have had him around for so many years and that your kids get to experience that great relationship too!!!!

Tawna said...

I echo those things and just want to add that having grandparents that love us that much and show it, has led to us having parents and cousins and aunts and uncles and nieces and nephews and so on that love us that much and show it. We are all so blessed. Grandpa's secret sure is the best! It may be the worst-kept secret in the sense that we all know it, but it sure is the best-kept in that we really all do keep it in our hearts always!

Aaron and Devon said...

Thank you for this post. It is so grandpa to a tee! I love all the pictures too. When I ask Chloe where her secret is she pulls on her shirt collar and tries to point to her heart. It is so cute- we are so lucky to have a wonderful grandpa.