Monday, November 23, 2009

Feelin' the LOVE

When I was 12 everyone who was anyone was in love with New Kids on The Block. Everyone but me. I didn't dislike their music, and I didn't think they were bad looking, but there was NO WAY I was going to be one of those groupies, going all ga ga over a bunch of guys they didn't even really know! I didn't like them as a matter of principal.

Flash forward 21 years and there is buzz about some vampire books that a Mormon lady wrote. No thanks. Not for me. First of all I'm not into anything sci-fi or fantasy. Not a big fan of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. Great books and movies I'm sure, just not my cup of tea. But so many of my friends who enjoy the same kinds of books I do recommend them and I finally took the plunge and read them. If I had waited just a few more weeks and all the movie hype had begun, I would NEVER had read them. Again, as a matter of principal.

I would have been missing out. I have joined the masses. I do not own any T shirts, and I do not have bumper stickers on my facebook page, or my car for that matter. I still have some semblance of discipline. But don't let my defiant behavior fool you. I am in it deep. Mushy, gushy love. Yes I know that none of them are real.

There is no dark, warm fuzzy Jacob with abs the size of speed bumps, who is boyishly charming, the perfect feel good friend, devoted to making the rest of your life blissfully happy

Alas there is also no Edward. Elegant and graceful, patient and wise. Breathtakingly beautiful and devilishly charming, so in love with you that he, "can't live in a world where you don't exist" who you have so much chemistry with you think you just might spontaneously combust.

Maybe they live only on the pages of Stephanie Meyer's deliciously written books, and on the screens of movie theaters everywhere, but somehow the dream of it lives on quite well in my head. It spins with the feelings and emotions of Bella torn between what she really wants and what is probably best for her. Why do women always want what we can't have?

My heart breaks for poor beautiful Jacob who has completely given his heart over to a girl who can never give hers in return. And then there's Edward. Perfectly perfect in every way and has waited his whole life to find a mate who makes his heart sing, only to find her and decide that it would break his heart to ruin her life by joining her life with his. I'm team Edward all the way. I don't care if he's old or cold. Warm and fuzzy isn't worth much if its just holding a place for the real thing.

I read the first 3 books last August, in 48 hours. I waited 2 weeks for book 4 to come out and then 2 months for the movie. Thursday night I joined a few friends and watched Twilight and then New Moon back to back. Friday morning I woke in time to shower and join a different group of friends back at the theater. I enjoyed it just as much the second time around. Maybe more. All weekend it has been in my head. But even I have my limits. I love feeling that mushy gushy lovin' feeling, but it's time to check out of fantasy land and back into real life.

So long Bella, Jacob and perfectly perfect Edward. It's been dreamy. But until next November, Jen Bohn is signing off. As a matter of principal.


christastrebel said...

If you're checking out of mushy gushy love till next November, i guess you wont be interested in the third movie Eclipse that comes out in June... haha. I'm sure you'll reconsider :]

justjen said...

Oh Christa, you just made my day! My love life is looking much better!! Til June it is!

stacia said...

that was my thought exactly! you mean until june 30, 2010, don't you?!

by the way, you make me laugh jen!

Bay and Shawn VanWagenen said...

Go team Edward! I'm with ya all the way!