Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cabin Fever!

We may look like just a couple of moms out having a good time, but don't let these cheesey grins fool ya! This was after almost 48 hours of our FOUR families staying at the McCauley's cabin. These are actually the grins of some delirious women!
Proof of this is the fact that we actually left the cabin and accompanied this tribe of wild men and children to the smallest possible pizza joint in Shaver. You should have seen the fear in the employees eyes when we sauntered in!

By the time we left our true colors were showing through. We were behaving like the rest of them! Cabin Fever, thats what we're blaming it on. Why else would be all be trying to stick our fingers in eachother's ears?!

Besides its not really our fault. Its mostly these guys. Well, theirs and their dads'. The little boys wanted a trip where they could ride their motorcycles, and the "big boys" said yes. Next thing you know we're off on a riding trip at the cabin.

We were all grateful for an excuse for a giant sleepover!

The talking, movies and games went on into the wee hours of the morning, and until everyone crashed wherever they were. Some looked a little more comfortable than others! When I saw where everyone ended up, I knew we were already starting to loose it!

Once the sun came up, the kids were up,
The bikes started revving, and we were all ready to play!
(Jeff and Garrett)

(Jer and Zach)

Zach and Garrett
As if the number of children, coupled the with the number of minutes for some or hours others had slept, wasn't enough to make us a little crazy, we looked out to see our little guys playin' just as hard the big boys!
Jeff, Garrett and Wes
The boys, big and small, headed out for their second long ride of the day. Further evidence of our fuzzy state of mind is the fact that we agreed to stay behind to watch the little girls and babies, even after hearing how amazing the trails were that the guys found. What were we thinking?!

It was freezing outside but that didn't stop Brynne from wanting a ride with her daddy!
These guys didn't care about the cold either. They were just happy to be out playing with their toys!
These crazy kids, entertained themselves with sticks and rocks playing baseball while the girls built forts out of branches.
These girls had so much fun running all over the cabin changing clothes 3 or 4 times in less than an hour and even made up a play to perform for us!
They turned into mermaids in the bathtub and got some crazy bubble hair do's!
No question about our state of mind was left after we witnessed what all of the kids were doing in the basement. We simply shrugged and left them to it! We decided we were just grateful they were entertained for a bit and if anything actually happened, Jeremy could just stitch them back up!

The kids weren't the only ones getting a little crazy though. We were all a bit slap happy, and involved in a VERY competitive game of Spoons. We somehow got started singing some favorite 80's tunes, to which EVERY one of us knew EVERY word to. We sang at the top of our lungs, fought quite literally tooth and nail for spoons, ate curious concoctions of food and laughed so much our sides hurt!

Check your boots at the door and enter if you dare!
Sleep deprived, well fed, and smiling we closed up the cabin on Sunday night.
Grateful for good friends, and hilarious moments.

Relaxed, entertained, and feeling a little more like family than just friends.
We may all be a little nuts, but at least we're in good company!

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