Sunday, November 1, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

Especially after a long night of trick or treating fun!
This was Brynnes third costume for the year.
She was a cute little bee for her school party,
last years Tinkerbell for our ward party that same night,
and then Princess Jasmine for Halloween night. She just kept pulling different things out of the dress up box! She was having a great time with all the opportunities she had permission to dress up and leave the house.
Garrett had a birthday party to go to, so he costumed up and went with the friends from the party. The most important thing for him this year was looking really scary. I think this worked just fine!
Even with Wes going off with his friends, Garrett at a party, and Drew in Utah visiting Tyler, there were some traditions not to be missed. Trick or Treating with the cousins was one of them.
When we were done going door to door we stuck to another Halloween tradition and went to our friends the McCauley's.
This is me, Talli (disgustingly wearing her JV high school cheer uniform) Haley, and Tara quite fittingly "The Queen"
Jason got to be a knight in shining armor, but without any horse. Jeff was the scarecrow in search of a brain. Thats what happens after a few years of being stuck with me I guess! And just like Dorothy, when the night was through I was clicking my heels thinking of home. More specifically, MY BED!


Tara Rickards said...

Cute! I loved your costume Jen! You looked so cute!

Aaron and Devon said...

So cute! You guys all looked so great.