Tuesday, November 3, 2009

But Wait There's More!

I just realized I didn't share a few things from our trip! Like the whole Island of Roatan! It was the last port of call. The place we docked was beautiful! There were native dancers and drummers performing in costume as we got off the ship.

It was the most green and lush of all the places we visited. We had made arrangements to do our last two dives for our scuba certification here. We went to Tylls Dive shop on the West Bay.

Dorte an ex patriate of Denmark owns the shop. She was so friendly and incredibly helpful as we were short on time. She and a few friends sat around playing cards while our Dive Master Robert took us out on our two dives.

He was awesome and Jeff and I both learned so much from him. We loved the dive site here. We went down the reef wall. It was beautiful. We saw a large sea turtle about 60 feet down and a lobster. The visibility was fantastic, and the water was the perfect temperature. Our ship was only at port for a few hours here and I think it is the one I would have wanted to stay at the longest. I would love to go back and stay for a week. The whole atmosphere was so relaxed.

Guess we'll have to finish exploring next time!

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