Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Keeping it Real

So this is my reality...

Francesca, Mimi and I were all thrilled when my car was returned to us this last weekend.

I have completely lost my voice and I'm fighting a fierce battle with a nasty head cold.

Monday night I made cookies at 1 am. I was needing a little comfort food.

I drove last night from midnight until 9:30 this morning, we arrived in Idaho Falls at 10:30 this morning.

Almost all of my christmas lights and required decorations for the yard are up on my house, bushes and trees.

Jeff stayed home for 4 days, and my house has almost recovered from the disruption in my routine.

Friday night one of my sons opted out of the mother son dance for a sleepover with a friend.

I pulled an all nighter reading a book a few nights ago, just because.

I think my knee is almost ready to start running again.

We are spending Thanksgiving with Jeffs family for the first time since we've been married. It is 15 degrees outside right now.

This Saturday we are going to the BYU vs. Utah football game.

I opened my brand new Biolage conditioning balm on Sunday to find a surprise inside left behind by Brynne. She said her hair was too soapy to get out and get to the bathroom and she knew she wasn't allowed to just go in the shower. She pooped in my $25 conditioner! "Don't worry mom I put the lid on it" I almost puked, and then I didn't know weather to laugh or cry.

Jeff packed for himself for the first time in years, he packed 2 shirts for 5 days...I'm trying to decide if he was just making a point...

Saturday at Garrett's soccer party at Bounce U I was undefeated in racing boys and/or their moms through the obstacle course. My sons were proud.

I bought a soda for my drive last night. It was in a cup called the Super Tanker. Does that make me white trash?

So there it is; the good, the bad, the boring, the ugly, and the stinky!


Aaron and Devon said...

It was fun to see you yesterday. The story about the conditioner is just classic. I hope the drive was ok.

lauren said...

haha You got the Super Tanker too? My mom laughed all night about that one! :)